Amazon’s special messages to customers on its home page are usually very upbeat, touting the latest products and services from the company in positive tones.

But the message appearing right now on is anything but polite, starting off with a quote from Gizmodo calling Apple “ballsy” for “cramming a worse screen screen in [the iPad mini], charging more and accusing others of compromise.”

That’s followed by a side-by-side comparison of Kindle Fire HD and iPad mini specs and price, under the headline, “Much More for Much Less.”

Here’s what it looks like. Is this the new “Amazon way,” and if so, what do you think?

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  • Mary

    Still getting the iPad mini. Amazon shove your price of crap where the sun doesn’t shine.

    • Gregory Phelps

      You’re getting the iPad Mini even after that side-by-side comparison? Go ahead, waste your money for an inferior product then. At least you’ll be considered “cool”.

      • Nina

        I don’t care how many pixels the Kindle Fire has. Anyone who’s held one knows it’s a piece of really crappy hardware.

        • Gregory Phelps

          You iSheep are hilarious.

    • Michael Hazell

      You can’t be serious. After watching that comparison? Amazon just did one of those “Oh! Snap!” moments, basically blowing the iPad out of the water.

  • Guest

    Kudos to Amazon for striking the death blow! iPad mini is the Tim Cook of consumer electronics: nobody ever wanted it, although we all understand why it’s there.

  • sir_device_alot

    Love the ad — too bad the link doesn’t work.

    It goes to an error page for me.

    • sir_device_alot

      Working now.

  • Bill Harding

    I think Amazon’s comparison table would be more impressive if 3 of the 4 comparison items weren’t the same thing (= the screen has more pixels)

  • Jeff

    Apple has the better eco-system. Its the complete package and really the better product.

    • Jeff

      Besides the obvious, didn’t Amazon post a larger that expected loss this quarter?

  • Jean-Jacques Dubray

    I would argue that Amazon has entered very dangerous waters. After being one of the strongest commerce companies in the world, it now thinks itself as a technology company.

    At the start of the 2012 holiday season, Amazon has successfully created the mother of all coalitions: it now competes with pretty much anyone on the planet from Apple and Google to Borders, Walmart to Rackspace. In a way, it proves how smart an organization Jeff Bezos has built, in the other way, it is scary because we all know they can lose it all.

    Worse, it thinks like Samsung, it thinks about devices as “autonomous” devices that people buy on features and price. Samsung could be excused for such behavior, they have sold too many washers and dryers to think about the importance of the platform behind the devices. But how could Amazon make such a novice mistake?

    IMHO, Amazon is an “app” company, the Kindle is an app, not a device. It has done a great job defending Amazon’s digital business against the introduction of tablets. Bezos had an incredible insight to know that was the right thing to do in 2007, but this is no longer true, he is wasting precious resources for nothing (selling something at a loss, even in large quantity does not get you very far). I have an iPad and I buy all my eBooks on the Kindle, I looked at iBooks and the selection is simply not there. So why bother with a device? Imagine if Amazon invested these resources, into making the kindle app 10 times better than it is today? what do you think would happen?

    They have the potential to launch an army of apps, to dominate rCommerce (relationship commerce), I think that’s were they should focus. If they don’t the retailers will. I wrote a longer analysis on the “Amazon is a commerce+apps company” here:

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