Startup Spotlight: Well Crafted’s platform helps designers display portfolios

The world of design has recently been brought to the forefront of the startup world. With 500 Startups launching their “Designer Fund,” solely focused on helping companies founded by designers, there’s even money out there specifically for it. Former Seattlite Kirill Zubovsky also recently graduated from Y-Combinator’s summer class with his startup Scoutzie, a site that… Read More

Mae Kim Beg as BadHorse

Photos: A tribute to Joss Whedon’s body of work

Joss Whedon is one of those creators who, for one reason or another, has a die-hard fan-base. If you’re having a hard time understanding what it means to be a fan of Joss Whedon, I offer “Whedonesque Burlesque” as an example — that’s a Whedon-inspired burlesque show, and I just happened to attend one last… Read More

kryp 200

Oregon medical-records company Kryptiq sold to Surescripts

Oregon is more than that little bastion of ‘Portlandia’ jokes sandwiched in between Seattle and Silicon Valley — they have tech, too. And this week Hillsboro-based Kryptiq, an electronic medical records company, announced that it has been sold to Virginia-based Surescripts. As Oregonlive.com reports, Surescripts already owned a small stake in Kryptiq (acquired in 2010),… Read More


PAX Day 1: Photo gallery, plus news of PAX Australia

Tens of thousands of people have descended on downtown Seattle for the annual Penny Arcade Expo, or PAX, the annual “Woodstock for gamers” that draws people from around the country for three days of gaming, panels, concerts … and tons and tons of cosplay. And it’s is only getting bigger. Speaking at the opening Q&A… Read More

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Paul McCartney returns to streaming music sites

In February, we reported that Paul McCartney had pulled his music from streaming sites, like Rhapsody, Spotify and Rdio. It appears that the Beatle’s camp has changed their minds — some of McCartney’s music is back online. Spotify has added his solo album, Ram (1971). Memory Almost Full (2007) and this year’s Kisses on the… Read More


Jeff Bezos-backed Workday files for $400M IPO, facing off against Concur, SAP, Oracle

Workday, a Pleasanton, California-based company that specializes in cloud-based payroll, financial management and employee expense management, has filed to raise up to $400 million through an initial public offering. It is backed by Amazon.com co-founder Jeff Bezos, Greylock, NEA and others who’ve pumped more than $250 million into the company. It competes against Redmond-based Concur… Read More


Map: Here’s where tech jobs are hot in the U.S.

It’s always interesting to compare various tech markets, and a new interactive map created by the Bay Area Council Economic Institute and Engine shows in great detail the areas of the country where tech jobs are hot. I’m a bit of a map junky, so I’ve spent far too much time today digging into the map this morning…. Read More


Study: Are computer issues more stressful than traffic jams, airport security and arguing with a spouse?

Americans really hate their computers — at least when they aren’t working properly. A new study commissioned by Crucial.com and conducted by Harris Interactive found that 52 percent of Americans are unhappy with their computers, and of those 94 percent say those problems are a source of stress. Got to say, when GeekWire experienced some… Read More


Q&A: How this Seattle startup could take a bite out of Microsoft PowerPoint

Giant Thinkwell’s latest product, Haiku Deck, has been getting quite a bit of attention over the last few weeks.  We covered the team of three — Adam Tratt, Kevin Leneway, and Marc Kamaka — and the launch of their iPad-based presentation tool earlier this month. They were also one of the few startups that Valley celeb Robert Scoble interviewed while… Read More

xbox games for windows 8

PAX: Microsoft previews Xbox Live games for Windows 8

The giant Penny Arcade Expo video game convention, better known as PAX, kicks off this morning in Seattle, and Microsoft will be using the venue to preview some of the Xbox Live games that will be available for Windows 8 when the new operating system debuts this fall. The company this morning released a list… Read More


Amazon pinpoints Nokia as mapping partner for next-generation Kindle Fire

Amazon.com has reportedly chosen Nokia to provide the mapping technology on the next-generation Kindle Fire, a device that is expected to be launched at an event in Santa Monica, California next Thursday. This may appear to be a minor development. However, in the fast-moving and ever-changing world of tech, where alliances and partnerships change frequently, the… Read More

The coolest room ever!!!

Photos: A rare peek inside the Space Shuttle trainer

Some people in the Seattle region might have been disappointed last year when we didn’t land a real Space Shuttle. But after getting a behind-the-scenes look at the Space Shuttle trainer being assembled at Seattle’s Museum of Flight, I walked away feeling like we got lucky. This thing is awesome. Over the 30-year life of… Read More

Amazon's South Lake Union campus. Photo via bytesrc

Paul Allen’s Vulcan looks to sell Amazon.com campus

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has spent years revamping Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood, first with the failed Commons project in the 1990s and most recently with a massive redevelopment of the area that now houses Amazon.com’s multi-building campus. Now, Allen is looking to sell a portion of the jigsaw puzzle of buildings he’s helped assemble… Read More


Microsoft Bing launches Facebook photo search tool

Microsoft’s Bing search engine today rolled out the latest in a series of Facebook-related features, launching a tool for quickly searching photos uploaded to the social network by your friends. It’s a simple but effective feature that might be Bing’s best Facebook integration yet. The Friends’ Photos search feature requires logging into Facebook from Bing to… Read More

iPhone vs. Android

Chart: China overtakes U.S. for smartphone crown

Smartphones are nearly everywhere in the U.S., but the number one market for smartphone shipments is now China, according to a report out today by IDC. China will account for 26.5 percent of all smartphone shipments this year, compared to 17.8 percent for the United States. “Looking ahead, the PRC smartphone market will continue to… Read More


Amazon publishing unit to make e-books available via rival retailers

Amazon.com’s New York-based publishing business has entered into a deal with Ingram to distribute its e-book titles, opening up the possibility that competitors such as Barnes & Noble, Kobo or Apple could carry the works, paidContent reports. There’s no guarantee that any of those rivals will actually carry e-books published by Amazon, and paidContent’s Laura… Read More

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Uber Entertainment closer to ‘Planetary Annihilation’ with $900,000 Kickstarter effort

Do you sit around all day, wishing you could engage in some post-apocalyptic planet-destroying action, pitting your strategy against other wannabe planet-destroyers in real time? Well, ‘Planetary Annihilation’ is one step closer to becoming the reality to pin all your intergalactic planetary destruction hopes and energies on. Because that stuff really needs to get channeled… Read More