Howard Schultz (Richard Eriksson photo)

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz departs Groupon’s board

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has stepped down from the board of Groupon just 16 months after joining forces with the fast-growing Chicago-based daily deal site. According to a SEC filing today, Schultz resigned from the board effective April 24th. Kara Swisher of All Things D first reported the news, also noting that Accel Partners’ Kevin Efrusy… Read More


Angry Birds Space gets 50M downloads, sets record pace

Attention, mobile game developers: Here’s your new mark to beat. Angry Birds maker Rovio today announced that “Angry Birds Space” reached 50 million downloads in its first 35 days on the market, making it the fastest-growing mobile game in history, according to the company. In addition to capitalizing on the popularity of its predecessors, and… Read More


Q&A: Microsoft lessons from Employees 154160 and 191855

Recently we received a news release about a new book called Stack Rank This! Memoirs of a Microsoft Couple. Apart from the subject, what caught my attention was the fact that the book was published anonymously, with the authors referring to themselves by their employee numbers, 154160 and 191855, and using the first names Jason and… Read More

The Nook

Microsoft vs. Amazon? Plot thickens with Barnes & Noble pact

Issues of competition and cooperation are never simple in the technology industry, but Microsoft’s surprise $300 million investment in Barnes & Noble’s new Nook subsidiary this morning puts Amazon further into the category of rival when it comes to its neighbor on the other side of Lake Washington. Barnes & Noble and Microsoft aren’t giving… Read More

Ivy CEO Mary Jesse

Ivy raises cash, inks deal with paging giant American Messaging

In this new era of mobile communication, one might think that the age-old paging technology might be going the way of the dinosaur. But Ivy Corp. CEO Mary Jesse, the former AT&T Wireless and McCaw Cellular vice president who previously served as chief technology officer at RadioFrame Networks, doesn’t see it that way. Medical and safety… Read More


Shadowrun Returns ends Kickstarter campaign at $1.8M

We’ve been having fun tracking the progress of Jordan Weisman’s Kickstarter campaign for Shadowrun Returns, watching in amazement after it blew past its original $400,000 goal in 28 hours. Now, the Kickstarter campaign for the classic video game franchise has officially concluded. And while it was not the top grossing campaign of all time on… Read More


Why Facebook’s purchase of Instagram won’t be its last

With Facebook’s IPO pending, the social media mammoth has been bolstering user offerings and analytics capabilities with major acquisitions, most recently with the social photo sharing app, Instagram. With news this past week that Facebook’s growth – it now boasts 900 million users worldwide – has begun to slow, the social network likely will continue… Read More


Magic: The Gathering creator to crowd-fund mobile game

The designer of the iconic collectible physical card game Magic: The Gathering has a new venture in the virtual mobile game world — and has launched a crowd-funding initiative to make it happen. The game business site Gamasutra writes that Richard Garfield is preparing a new location-based mobile game, Map Monsters. Garfield has teamed with Seattle-based independent… Read More


Hacking Edu: tech’s role in the future of higher education

Call it a noble experiment: only a month to re-imagine institutions with centuries of tradition and, some might say, baggage. But that’s exactly what the University of Washington’s Master of Communication in Digital Media program pursued as it re-thought higher education in April. Hacking Edu wrapped up this week, and MCDM Director Hanson Hosein said it… Read More

Jeremy Lewis

Memo: Jeremy Lewis on his departure as Big Fish CEO

As we reported earlier today, Big Fish Games announced that its founder, Paul Thelen, would be returning to the role of CEO and president of the Seattle-based casual games company, replacing Jeremy Lewis in those roles. Lewis has been at the company for six years. He’ll remain on the company’s board of directors. The shift… Read More


The latest influence score to obsess over: Klouchebag

If you say nothing else about social media, you can at least say it’s developing a sense of humor. Mean? Maybe. Self-deprecating? Definitely. But it’s a sense of humor. The latest evidence is Klouchebag, a parody of Klout’s influence score that launched earlier today. And if the name of the site isn’t enough to clue… Read More


Geek of the Week: Hipcricket’s Ivan Braiker, broadcast vet in a mobile world

Our new Geek of the Week, Ivan Braiker, first made his mark in the world of broadcasting, building radio networks including Olympia Broadcasting and New Northwest Broadcasters, and co-founding the Satellite Music Network — the first radio network to distribute live, 24-hour programming via satellite. Billboard Magazine once named him its “Trendsetter of the Year.”… Read More


Ben Huh news startup Circa raises $750K seed funding

Cheezburger Network founder Ben Huh has been uncharacteristically quiet about Circa, his online journalism startup. Now word is out that Circa has raised $750,000 in seed funding. TechCrunch reports that the seed money comes from eonCapital, Quotidian Ventures, TechStars’ David Cohen and David Tisch, Tumblr’s David Karp, Eric Norlin’s SK Ventures, Manesh Arora, Pedro Torres-Picon,… Read More


HP’s Windows 8 slate? Leak provides possible sneak peek

Microsoft is positioning Windows 8 to work not only on traditional computers but also on tablets, aiming to compete more effectively against the iPad. The Apple device has been making inroads not only among consumers but also in businesses — striking at the heart of Microsoft’s traditional profit center. So how will PC makers leverage… Read More