Coders win hackathon with virtual pet fitness app

Seattle area mobile app developers Robert Mao and Haitao Li had no real intention of building a new application when they traveled to SXSW earlier this month. But after stumbling upon the AT&T Mobile App Hackathon and checking out the free grub on the buffet table, the former Microsofties and founders of Discoverful decided to toss their… Read More


Comedy superhero web series premieres at Seattle Comicon

Super Friends meets The Office? That, in a nutshell, is how Seattle production company Moon Bullet Studios describes its new web series, The Collectibles. The ten-part series will officially debut on Sunday, April 1 as part of Emerald City Comicon in Seattle. It’s a bit hard to describe The Collectibles, even after viewing the trailer…. Read More


Amazon Lockers are pretty much empty at this 7-Eleven started rolling out lockers at 7-Eleven stores in the Seattle area last fall, an innovative way for shoppers to get packages delivered to the convenience store rather than a residence or office building. Well, at least at one Seattle area 7-Eleven store, the lockers are pretty much gathering dust. Matt Hickey of The Daily… Read More


Survey shows changes in tech use at state’s biggest university

Enthusiasm for technology runs wide and deep at the University of Washington, which recently took a snapshot of current tech usage patterns by students, faculty and teaching assistants.  Supplemental materials such as course recordings and streaming or downloadable content have contributed to substantial changes in tech use since 2008 (the time of the last reporting). One example… Read More


Roseman leaves VP post at Zynga

Whoa, this is pretty huge news. Neil Roseman, the former vice president who joined Zynga last year, has left the company after just 12 months on the job. The news was reported today by Tricia Duryee at AllThingsD, with Roseman telling the tech news site that he left due to the travel demands of… Read More

Mark Britton

Attorney rating service Avvo prevails in libel case, calls it a victory for ‘Web transparency’ and First Amendment

Calling it a victory for Web transparency and the First Amendment, Seattle-based Avvo today said that a judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by a disgruntled Florida lawyer who claimed that the company’s rating amounted to defamation and false advertising. “We’ve said from the very beginning that we will not be bullied into censoring important… Read More

The former Airborne Express building at 3101 Western Avenue

New datacenter coming to the old Isilon building

Digital Fortress plans to open a new 25,000 square foot data center just north of downtown Seattle this July, adding to a facility that the newly-formed company operates at the Intergate West campus south of Seattle. The building — located at 3101 Western Avenue — will certainly be recognizable to Seattle area techies. That’s because… Read More


Polls: How many Apple and Microsoft products do you have in your house?

Earlier this week, CNBC published a survey which found that half of American households now own at least one Apple product. GeekWire’s coverage of the survey sparked a strong reaction, which didn’t surprise me given our location in Microsoft’s backyard (not to mention Apple’s legions of die-hard fans). Some readers said the survey results were meaningless,… Read More

Edward Jiang and Tyler Menezes

Y Combinator for high-school kids? It’s students only at this new startup incubator

StudentRND has been gathering geeky and entrepreneurial high school and college kids for weekend hackathons for three years now. Now, co-founder Edward Jiang is looking to expand his growing empire, launching a new 8-week tech incubator this summer that’s modeled on successful programs like TechStars and Y Combinator. “It makes sense: Students they want to… Read More


Will a $199 Google tablet hurt or help the Kindle Fire?

Next to politics, perhaps no industry loves speculation more than tech. We may couch it as “analysis” or — if we’re being especially honest with ourselves — as “commentary” or “opinion.” But at its best, even when fact-based, it’s informed guesswork. Which leads me to the latest rumor of a Google Nexus tablet. Digitimes was… Read More


Microsoft cautions ‘Piracy Lurks Everywhere’

To help inform small businesses of the risk of being lured by counterfeit software offerings, Microsoft has launched a worldwide online video awareness campaign that calls attention to software acquistion methods that may lead to purchasing pirated content.  The digital video campaign is designed to provide more information and heighten awareness of the risks associated… Read More


WiMax dealt another blow: new Sprint phones to be LTE-only

Sprint is putting another nail in its WiMax coffin by confirming at an Orlando mobile carrier conference that it will no longer release new WiMax phones, instead relying on devices that run on its upcoming LTE 4G network. It’s news likely to be watched closely by Bellevue-based wireless broadband provider Clearwire, which has received a… Read More


Weekend project: How to build a Star Wars TIE fighter

If you have a spare 30 hours and $300 this weekend, you may want to try a do-it-yourself project that’s a bit more satisfying to your inner geek than, say, installing new linoleum flooring. Dave Putnam, who put his eight-foot by eight-foot, roughly one-third scale replica of the iconic TIE fighter from Star Wars up… Read More


6 do-or-die tactics for Facebook success in 2012

While social sites like Pinterest and Tumblr are growing like wildfire and offering marketers plenty of opportunity to leverage new audiences, my money is still on Facebook in 2012 as the social site that will help marketers and business owners increase market share, gain new customers and ultimately generate more revenue. But it’s not as… Read More