Zillow.com plans to trade on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the one letter ticker symbol Z when it expects to debut later this year. That’s slightly unusual, since most of the tickers on the exchange such as Microsoft (MSFT); Google (GOOG); Apple (AAPL) and even new entrants like LinkedIn (LNKD) are four letters.

In addition to the ticker symbol selection, an updated Securities and Exchange Commission filing today from the company includes financial figures for the first quarter.

And how is the online real estate company performing?

The company trimmed its net loss to just $826,00 during the quarter — down from $2.8 million for the same period last year. Meanwhile, revenue more than doubled to $11. 2 million. It finished the quarter with $15.5 million in cash and cash equivalents and 271 employees.

The 7-year-old company warned that its revenue growth rate will likely slow as the business matures, and that costs will increase “as we continue to expend substantial financial resources to develop and expand our business.” It also disclosed a $4 million line of credit that it established in March, with the capital to be used for “general business purposes.”

Zillow — founded by former Expedia executives Rich Barton and Lloyd Frink — filed to raise $51 million through an initial public offering in April. The IPO could be one of the first from a Washington technology company since Motricity went public last year.

Seattle-based Impinj, a maker of RFID technologies, also is waiting to go public.

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  • Guest

    Trivia: the New York Stock Exchange formerly reserved symbol “M” for Microsoft. At the time, NASDAQ required that tickers be four letters or longer. When it became clear that Microsoft was disinclined to move to the NYSE, the latter organization assigned M to Macy’s, Inc.

    • johnhcook

      I had heard that story about Microsoft and the NYSE ticker symbol “M.” But I didn’t know you could have a one-letter ticker on Nasdaq. In fact, does anyone have examples of other one-letter tickers on the exchange?

      • Guest

        I don’t think there are any other one-letterers on NASDAQ, but Hawaiian Airlines has “HA” on NASDAQ. Very confusing. It used to be so intuitive to tell the NASDAQuers apart from the NYSEers.

      • Guest

        Agilent Technologies is “A”
        Barnes Group “B”
        Citigroup “C”
        Dominion Resources “D”

        Lots of examples of this… 

        • HoopsHoops123

          A,B,C,D…those are all NYSE listed.  Zillow is the first and only Nasdaq listed single digit symbol.  With only a few open, they are likely to be the ONLY ONE.  This is a pretty big deal for them. 

  • Anonymous

    I never thought about it like that before.


  • http://www.tripharbor.com Stuart MacDonald

     I know it’s trivial, but I think this is awesome. Rich has always loved things that start with Z and now he’s getting his own Z ticker. Perfect :)

  • MarketMaven

    This is very cool.  Microsoft couldn’t do it.  Apple couldn’t do it.  Intel couldn’t do it.  Cisco couldn’t do it.  Dell couldn’t do it.  So just how did little Zillow score the Z symbol where all these tech giants cound not get it done?

  • http://jonkolsky.imxagents.com jon Kolsky

    I feel Zillow needs transparency, too many bad things going on inside zillow.

    • LadyGooGoo

      What are you talkin about?  You tryin to spread stories even before the company is even public? You can’t short the stock here.  Market Maven is correct.  This is a really cool thing that none of the other guys was able to do.  Quit trying to be so negative because you have an issue with your former employer.   

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