Posting from Anaheim: Microsoft is giving attendees at its Build conference here an early look at the Xbox Live application that it’s developing for Windows 8, bringing the online gaming and entertainment service from the living room console to traditional PCs and tablet computers.

“We are bringing everything you know and love on Xbox 360 and Xbox Live to Windows,” said Avi Ben-Menahem, a Microsoft principal program manager lead, after running through the social elements of the Metro-style Xbox Live app that Microsoft plans to release for Windows 8. See the video above for the bulk of the demo.

He said that includes standard multiplayer gaming, as with the current Xbox Live platform, but also asynchronous (turn-based) gaming.

“That will allow you the developers to perform multiplayer functionality between two Windows PCs, between Windows and a phone or between Windows and the Xbox 360,” he said, to applause from the crowd of Build attendees.

As shown during the demo, the app also has tabs for video and music, but Ben-Menahem said he wouldn’t be showing those elements yet. He also declined to give a timeline for the release — not a surprise, because Microsoft hasn’t yet said when Windows 8 will be coming out.

Update: Wrapping up the session, Ben-Menahem said participation in the Xbox Live development program will be free for developers to participate in.

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  • Anonymous

    That looks like it might just actually work dude.

  • Tabrel

    This will ruin Xbox for the console gamers.

  • Chris Edens

    So great I can just skip getting an Xbox all together now.  I wonder if they will charge the ridiculous $60 a month for PC gamers too?  Or are they just going to keep sticking it to their console suckers to subsidize the PC folks who get to enjoy it all for free much like GFWL.


    • Thundercranky

      Uh, it’s $60 a year. Not that I pay for Xbox Live, but that’s a big difference.

    • Thundercranky

      Uh, it’s $60 a year. Not that I pay for Xbox Live, but that’s a big difference.

  • Samiul Huq

    Wait, so there’s CROSS-PLAY? I don’t need a xbox 360 anymore?! So I can legitimately play X360 games on PC?! Please reply

  • nutcrackr

    Doesn’t actually tell me anything, compare achievements? Yeah I can do that already.

  • An_eddie

    Sillinies. Waste of personal time. Nothing compelling unless you’re a hardcore gamer.

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