Update, Tuesday evening: Here’s the latest from Microsoft:

The Xbox update is currently on its way to all 35 million Xbox LIVE members. Since we are releasing this significant update on a global scale, we ask for your patience as it may be a few hours before we update all the Xbox consoles connected to the Xbox LIVE service around the world. We apologize for today’s delay and hope that you will be thrilled with your new Xbox experience.

Original post follows …

Microsoft, which had planned to launch the overhauled Xbox Live dashboard this morning, just released a status update saying that the update is now scheduled to start in a few hours for some users, as the company works through unspecified “deployment issues.”

Here’s the full statement via a Microsoft representative.

“We apologize for the delay in launching the new Xbox 360 dashboard. We’re working through some deployment issues and within a few hours the first customers will begin to receive the update. Because customers in this first phase are not selected based on geography, we can’t specify which individual consoles will receive the update first. We share our customers’ excitement for the new dash and will provide an update as soon as possible.”

The Xbox Live update will add expanded TV programming, including live content; new third-party apps; integration of Microsoft’s Bing search technology; expanded Kinect navigation controls; and new social networking features.

Previously: Microsoft’s big Xbox Live update is “slightly delayed.”


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  • Guest

    Kudos to Microsoft for owning the problem and for communicating updates in a timely fashion.

    • Guest

      Hardly worthy of kudos.

      • Guest

        Proper handling of a problem is in fact worthy of kudos.

        • Guest

          Your bar for customer service is very low if this exceeds it.

          • Guest

            Who said anything about exceeding it? Proper, by definition, means appropriate or satisfactory.

  • guest

    guess what? i’m not thrilled with my new xbox experience. the old dashboard was fine, this update is garbage and the new netflix app sucks hard.

    • http://www.atebymonsters.com Matt

      The new Xbox update won my vote when I turned my console on and the default menu selection is to play the disc that’s currently in the drive.  No more default to advertisements channel.  Huge improvement, it gets me to gaming faster.

      I will agree with you on the updated Netflix app (still in beta?) … Everything in the new Xbox dashboard and corresponding apps is following the Metro UI standard.  Netflix on the other hand doesn’t.  It follows the old dashboard interface which was clunky and broken.  Using Netflix on the Xbox 360 is not as enjoyable as it used to be.

  • Guest

    Thanks for making my XBOX SUCK!!!!  New Netflix app will not work now.

  • http://twitter.com/richphoto Richard Brown Photog

    Lots of action yesterday out at the x box studios, I will be there today doing a photoshoot, maybe the launch will remain smooth.

  • Guest

    After updating we were unable to use XBOX live all evening. Diagnostics said it was a problem at the XBOX Live server end – Overloaded servers?
    Not happy to hear of NetFlix problems. That’s one of our primary uses of it.

  • Yetter

    New dashboard is great.  Netflix seems like it may have taking a step backwards but there are a few things that have improved (the option to play the next episode during the credits of the current episode)  Xbox companion app for Windows phone really shines.  Super useful, not gimmicky.  I think it was a solid update.  Could of been a little smoother but all in all MSFT handled it correctly

  • Guest


    1) You can’t restart. Before, you had the option to restart movie. Now, when you click on a movie, it instantly plays. If you had already started watching it, it resumes, so you are stuck rewinding like a VHS tape if you want to go back to the beginning.

    2) You can’t tell if you have watched the movie or tv episode before (thanks to above problem).

    3) You can no longer quick cycle through your queue by holding the right trigger. Now it takes minutes to do what used to take seconds. Good luck if you just added some new movies to the end of your queue…

    4) You can’t adjust screen aspect for 4:3 movies and tv shows. Stretch and Zoom are gone.

    5) You can’t cycle through long run tv series (Lost, 24, X-Files) in list format like before which again takes much longer to find a specific episode.

  • Dantehdante

    Hmm, how about we got back to the way Netflix was before… really miss the restart button.  What idiot should put infront of the shooting squad while I eat my oreo cookies?

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