The Woz kisses off Paul Allen

In the annals of tech history, Paul Allen and Steve Wozniak will likely be remembered as the forgotten co-founders. Each has done a bit to reinvent themselves recently. Allen wrote a memoir called “Idea Man.” Wozniak appeared on Dancing with the Stars. But not all is happy among the sidekicks of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. The Woz thinks Allen is doing “that patent troll thing.”

During remarks at the Embedded Systems Conference in Silicon Valley, Wozniak reportedly said that Allen should focus more of his attention on developing products that make a “new future for the world” rather than getting “in bed with the lawyers,” according to a report in The Register.

What’s interesting about the remarks is that they appear to be a reversal from what the Woz said at the time of Allen’s patent lawsuit against the likes of Apple, Google, Facebook and others. At the time of the lawsuit last summer, Woz told Bloomberg News that Allen is just representing original investors.

“I am not at all against the idea of patent trolls because I have had friends who just got forced into bankruptcy by bigger people that had more money,” said Woz. “… Even if Paul Allen makes a fortune off of it, I think he had the insight to recognize which patents were valuable.”

Weird. Well, something has obviously gotten under the skin of the Woz, since The Register reports that the Apple co-founder blew off an appearance by Allen at the Computer History Museum.

“And I decided at the last minute not to go, because I remembered he’s suing all these companies like Apple and Google – but he’s not suing Microsoft – because he bought all these patents,” he said.

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  • Guest

    The Woz of all men should know what it’s like not to innovate. He hasn’t built a new product since 1977. (Wheels of Zeus’s web site doesn’t count.)

    • feMan

      hmmm universal remote 1987, GPS 2001. this are just a few…

  • Guest

    Take that message to Intellectual Ventures – the kings of patent trolling

  • Anonymous

    lol, OK you know that is just WAY too cool dude.

  • Pallab

    Woz is not Jobs’ sidekick. Calling him as such is insulting his legacy. He is the guy who created this whole “PC thing”.

    • lajetee47

      Jobs was great marketeer and gifted at making bad execution good -esp with iPods and Macs. His genius was his intellectual brilliance in knowing what to do with technology.  But Unix was innovated by others and Wozniak did the hard work on the first Apple.

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