Microsoft is giving more details about the rollout of the long-awaited update that will bring copy-and-paste capabilities (and other improvements) to Windows Phone 7. And it’s looking like the wait is going to be even longer for AT&T customers in the U.S.

According to a chart released by Microsoft as part of its new “Where’s my phone update?” site, the updates for three Windows Phones from AT&T are still in testing, not only for the actual update (listed as the March update in the chart below) but for the preliminary update, listed in the chart below as the February update.

Testing is the first stage, followed by scheduling and delivery. As the chart shows, T-Mobile is in the scheduling stage for the update on the HTC HD7 Windows Phone.

AT&T users are none too pleased about the situation. As Ars Technica notes, “This will, no doubt, make T-Mobile customers even more excited about the impending merger with AT&T.”

An update like this might seem a small thing, but Microsoft needs pretty much everything to go right with Windows Phone at this point, given the uphill climb it faces against the iPhone and Android.

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  • Matt

    I really don’t understand … Seems like Apple can release any update they want without carrier approval, or at least when they schedule an update for iOS is going to be release on this day and date, that update get’s released day and date.

    But with Android and Windows Phone 7 when they want to release an update they have to jump through all these carrier specific hoops and everything is different.

    • Tyler

      That’s because Microsoft is trying to update (or at least notify) software OTA. Apple can release updates all day thru iTunes and totally bypass carrier policy. Not to mention the fact that Apple until recently only dealt with a single carrier. MS has to disperse their update over multiple carriers on multiple devices.

  • Y.S.

    I love how all of the different Windows Phones have indefinite statuses like “testing” and “scheduling.” It’s like seeing TBD for every release date. Surprise! It’s released.

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