Gizmodo calls it “worse than your parents having sex.” The Next Web deems it “an absolute disaster.” WinRumors goes with “embarassing … funny … and classic?”

Whatever your opinion, this rap for Windows Phone by “Carly, E-Town, Elise, & Emily” is difficult not to watch. Like a car crash.

So who are they? Tom Warren of WinRumors traces the origins to the Twitter account @MobieChick, where the description reads, in part, “AT&T sponsored.” We’ve sent a tweet asking the person behind the account for more information, and we’ll update this post if we hear back.

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  • MM

    “Look for us on itunes” HAHAH, they’re singing about Windows and then get an Apple plug at the end!

  • mtemple

    it is worse than watching a car wreck in action. It is like watching someone get the worst tattoo in the world knowing that they will deeply regret it soon.

  • Jared Mcinelly

    Oh man, that is painful to watch.

  • Guest

    That’s just so sad.  They say there’s no such thing as bad press, this would be the counter-example.

    And, “Look for us on iTunes”  That’s just money.

  • Sam DeBord,

    Keep my phone in my back pocket.  Powerpoint’s always on my hip socket.  Tsss tsss tsss boom.  Wow.

  • Bob Silver

    Looks like a PR or advertising firm run amok. Heads will roll.

    • Gurest

      Not they won’t. This is MS.

  • Guest

    Congratulations to AT&T! This is a brilliant buzz-marketing campaign and I’m proud that they’ve once again brought Microsoft to the front of the mindshare race. Sure, it’s a little quirky, but in this age of YouTube, you have to stand apart to stand out.

    • Guest

      Nobody would reference a competitor in a viral campaign, so no congrats to ATT warranted here (you tool).  This is just web ephemera. 

  • Gurest

    And then MS wonders why their brand image has been destroyed.

  • Jeff Rodenburg

    Does anyone know how to un-see this? I need a rollback function.

  • Blandpudding

    The really sad thing is that they’ll all probably get positive review marks on this for thinking out of the box, using video and ‘going viral’. Oy. Tools.

  • Greg Piper

    I don’t know if it’s occurred to anyone here, but Windows Phone doesn’t have especially high name recognition.  A bad viral video will at least get its name out.

    • Guest

      Does getting your name out while associating it with something that would make you run from the product further the cause? I’d argue no.

  • Ggtt


  • Guest

    Dear MS marketing tools and Steve “What do I have to do to get fired?” Ballmer:

    1) Find the three people who actually bought your phone
    2) Distill their reasons for selecting it over iOS or Android to five or less key differentiators
    3) Make a edited video of them discussing those, in their own words, while focusing only on demoing that feature set
    4) Post the result on YouTube

    You’re welcome. As payment, please fire yourselves.

  • verandaporch

    Hey, I know that one in the glasses.  Hi, Carly!

  • Bumpbump

    This should be enshrined alongside this incredible creation:

  • orcuna

    clicked on this from the homepage. couldn’t pass without a comment; disturbing.

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