Good news and still-not-very-good news for Microsoft’s Windows Phone today …

Good: The Windows Phone Marketplace now boasts more than 25,000 apps, according to the Windows Phone Applist. It’s a respectable number, still far behind the App Store and the Android Market, but enough to significantly boost the chances that Windows Phone converts will find what they want — including Angry Birds, part of a wave of high-profile apps that made their Windows Phone debut this week.

Still not very good: Windows Phone sales amount to a mere 1 percent of the consumer market in the U.S. over the last three months, according to survey results released by Nielsen today. Among people who purchased a new phone from March through May, Apple’s iPhone represented 17 percent of sales, while Android devices were 27 percent.

The big question for Microsoft now: Will Mango be the magic word?

Via Mobile Crunch and Engadget.

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  • Guest

    Wow, that graph is amazing! I see WM7 continuing to benefit from RIM’s attrition; companies that wish for optimal enterprise support will continue to go with Microsoft. Apple’s enterprise support is appalling (no way to block or remotely delete 3rd-party apps, for example) and Android’s open source nature means that renegade “rooted” users can bring down my network. For this reason, I endorse WM7 as the enterprise smartphone solution.

  • Grsmith

    Mango will add a lot of new features but they need: 1 – Tethering 2 – 4G phones before I will purchase.  I have a Zune HD and like it a lot so a WP7 would be a natural.

  • Hologram5

    The new update (Mango) has many features that people are going to love.  Voice to text, you can hear and answer texts with your voice.  All in all, it’s a great stable OS.

  • Yetter

    I’ve loved my WP7 since day one and will prob continue to stick with the OS indefinitely.  It started out a strong stable OS. (mine has never had a crash, a little lag from time to time but all around a smooth experience)  It’s just a matter of time before the WP7 is going to catch on, it’s still so new but Mango is going to make it the topic of conversation which can only be good for MS.

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