How do you attract young men to your new slate of mobile phones? Well, you could show them photos of fast cars, swimsuit models and sports stars. That’s the idea behind MSN Onit, a new mobile phone app for Windows Phone 7.

“The guy’s guide to girls, cars, gadgets, fitness and life advice–plus a touch of humor,” is how MSN Onit is described in this product description. “Every day MSN Onit curates the most interesting content from your favorite magazines, highlights events and activities around town, and puts them in the palm of your hand.”

Microsoft is having a tough time trying to carve market share away from the big dogs in the smartphone market, namely the iPhone and Android.

We’re not sure Onit will do the trick. After all, Microsoft must win back the hearts and minds of mobile app developers.

Matt Rosoff at Alley Insider notes that the new app — which he describes as a digital version of Maxim –could hit a core demographic for Microsoft. According to a recent Nielsen study, men are more likely to purchase a Windows Phone than women.

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  • craigfis

    You need some more proofreading of your posts. Just in this one:
    “According to recent Nilesen study, men or more likely ”
    “Microsoft most win back”

    • johnhcook

      Thanks for pointing that out. The changes have been made.

      • craigfis

        You still missed a couple. :-)
        According to _a_ recent Nielsen study, men _are_ more likely

      • Yasir Alam

        Man, first time today going through this site properly, and I’ve got to say, I don’t think I’ve been on a bloggienews site that’s nicer and more proactive about corrections made by readers. Good on you guys!

        • johnhcook

          Thanks for tuning in. Obviously, we don’t like to make errors, but
          when we do we own up to them. Also, we are firmly of the belief that
          our readers are smarter than us. :)

  • David Bowman

    microsoft are not helping , they are part of the problem….

    • craigfis


  • Nikki Chau

    This reminds me of this article:

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