Computer geeks used to ask one another whether they were a Mac or PC. But, these days, you’re more like to hear this question: Android or iPhone? A new report out from mobile ad network Jumptap digs into that issue, breaking down whether you’re more likely to find Android or iOS users in Idaho (leans Android) or Indiana (leans iOS) and the other 48 states.

Interestingly, Washington state — home to Microsoft and its Windows Phone 7 operating system — leans Android. Oregon, meanwhile, was one of the few where BlackBerries still rule the roost.

Based on the map above, it looks like the next battleground in the smartphone wars will be in the south where many states lean neutral. (Anecdotally, we’ve been noticing that a larger percentage of the guests on our podcast, who we regularly ask what device they use, are carrying Android phones).

As TechCrunch notes, the map is based on Jumptap’s own mobile ad network traffic. And, once again, the data shows just how much ground Microsoft has to make up in order to get back into the discussion when it comes to smartphones.

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  • Guest

    As an Oregonian, we can either be massively embarrassed by this? 

    Or, we could pretend it’s a retro phase, sort of like our love of vinyl and vintage clothing?

    Either way, I’ll bet it was a really fun headline to lead with.

  • Guest

    This intuitivel feels like a fishy piece of research. Android dominance in WA State just plain feels wrong.

  • @CascadeRam

    imo this is meaningless data.

    The report relies on ad network traffic (and just from one ad network)

    Android has very few good ad-free apps.
    There is a good reason why Angry Birds launched as a free app on Android though they were making millions with their paid iPhone app.

    So in general, I’d expect a disproportionately higher level of ad-traffic from Android phones. However ad-traffic is NOT the same as popularity

  • FrankCatalano

    I knew there was a reason I stopped using my BlackBerry Tour and bought an HTC Droid Incredible 2 this week.

  • Joe F.

    With Portland feeling like Hipster Mecca, Oregon’s love of the most retro option isn’t too surprising.

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