So this is what it takes to get somebody to upgrade a PC these days?

Earlier today we told you about Microsoft’s new Windows campaign, meant to persuade consumers to give up their older Windows PCs in favor of the latest versions running Windows 7. But as with most of these things, the description isn’t the same as the reality, and the ad is now available above, showing what happened when the company built a “Personal PC Store” inside the home of Julie, a woman from a focus group.

Best comment: “So there is no tower anymore?”

The machine she ended up picking was an all-in-one HP TouchSmart. (Looks to me like one of the new 610z Series models, which start at $900.)

Of course, it’s notable that Julie was willing to give up her old PC tower, but the more interesting test would have been putting an iMac up against it in the store and seeing if she would have been willing to pay the premium. (People who took part in the Windows ads ultimately received their choice of PCs for free at the end of the process.)

The ad concludes with the now-familiar “I’m a PC” line, which Microsoft previously co-opted from Apple in one of the more interesting marketing moves in its history. The new ads are part of a broader campaign that starts airing tonight and runs through the holiday season.

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  • Bryan Lee

    Someday I wish to own that plastic touchscreen piece of wonder. Or not.

  • Ronald S Woan

    Maybe they need the MS equivalent of Tupperware and Avon parties. Probably similar demographic would be positively affected by these…

  • what?

    From the article: “People who took part in the Windows ads ultimately received their choice of PCs for free at the end of the process.”

    So, MS did not convince the lady to purchase a new PC, they just convinced her to get 15 seconds of fame and accept a free gift.  Forget seeing if she’d pay a premium for a Mac, let’s just see if she’d pay anything for any new machine. 

  • Dota Maphack

    Been watching these commercial with interest on TV.
    Not sure the sceptic would say no either way, especially in the face of all those cameras and the pressure to impress the “people who decorated my home!”

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