Brett Eddy and Tom Parrish of Windermere Solutions

For years, real estate agents have used bound and printed marketing materials to convince home sellers that they have what it takes to sell their home. Known in industry parlance as the CMA or competitive market analysis, these multi-page documents can take hours to research and prepare.

Brett Eddy, the chief technology officer at Windermere Solutions, the newly-formed Internet arm of the giant Seattle real estate brokerage, thinks they’ve discovered a better way.

Using the iPad, which Eddy calls the “sexiest” platform on the planet, Eddy and his crew have created a dead-simple way for real estate agents to create an interactive competitive market analysis report. That means, instead of printing out a massive paper document for the client, agents can simply present their research using the touchscreen device.

Windermere Solutions CTO Brett Eddy

The beauty of the interactive iPad version is that agents can alter the text, maps or photos on the fly. That means if the agent finds another comparable house to include or wants to add materials about local schools, they can easily add those.

“All of this data just shows up. You don’t have to go construct something. You don’t have to go build in Excel. You don’t have to do some of the fancy stuff,” explains Eddy. “We built all of that logic for you.”

After the CMA is completed, Eddy said it can be easily emailed to the client who can then choose to print it out in a PDF format if they’d like. But Eddy said he thinks many people will prefer bypass that option, adding that a “lot of trees have died” in order to create the old-school CMAs.

“We really don’t need that. We consume everything with your Mac Book Pros or your phones,” he said.

About 45 Windermere agents have been testing the new app, and GeekWire this week got a sneak peak. Tentatively called Touch CMA, the app is set to debut next month at the big Inman Real Estate Connect conference in New York and later at Windermere’s 40th anniversary celebration.

Windermere Solutions plans to sell Touch CMA for about $15 per month. It will be available to both Windermere agents and those outside the network, part of a strategy by the technology spin-off to build tools that service the entire industry.

Here’s Eddy showing off the new application:

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  • Peter Simkins

    That is really cool. About time the Real Estate market stepped up their game to provide more as the market changes!

  • Jane

    Saving trees, very innovative, and helpful. May want to elaborate the revenue model and provide various levels including a free/sample option. 

    Also, thank goodness they are not seriously considering “Touch CMA” – almost as bad as “iCMA”. It’s about the “cloud” and “air” these days for these SaaS-like solutions.

  • Greg

    If you are interested in this you might want to check out Cloud CMA too.

  • James

    Yeah, they already have this – it’s called Cloud CMA.

  • Anonymous

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  • Guest

    The Green aspect is great, but it’s still an ‘automated’ CMA…quick, easy and depends very little on the knowledge and expertise of the broker using it. In that respect, how does it add service value to the Seller? Why couldn’t a Seller purchase a similar app for .99 cents, and do it themselves? 

    WRE should consider the downside to helping dumb-down this process, and actually making it easier for a broker to avoid doing their homework. The 5 or 6 hours of work saved, is also 5 or 6 hours not spent immersed in analyzing the data first hand.  

    • Jonc

      The quality of the CMA still depends on the expertise of the realtor. I wouldn’t say that the process was ‘dumbed down’, as much as streamlined. The same data is being presented to the realtor when they choose whether or not to add a subject property — the difference lies in how easy it is to search for, view, and compile proterties into the final document/presentation.

      • Guest

        Sorry, I meant to say ‘comparable’, not subject property.

  • Preston Spockle

    This article is way out of touch. It has been like this for years already. No one has used binders for like 10 years. 

  • Marisa W.

    The app is really exciting news for Windermere. I definitely think that it will save brokers a ton of time. However, how will the app improve the consumer experience?

  • Jim

    Cloud CMA is an SaaS app, but it only provides PDF CMAs for printing.  This app seems to be one that is designed and used to present on the iPad, and Brett said it also gives the agent the option of emailing the client a PDF.

  • Aaron

    This is the same process for creating a CMA that has existed for over 10 years, only here it is presented as an iPad app. Enter subject property, select comps, choose output formats, merge in “marketing” content and email it to your client. The only time you really see the large binder format used as the “old-school” example would be if the agent chooses to print the CMA for the client because they felt the client would prefer it.

  • Derize

    This is a great way to market Real Estate, for the agents on both sides.

  • Kelly Jones

    Great post. Here’s a tool that lets you build your real
    estate applications fast and without coding. Just point-and-click

  • Genytoiud

    The home convinces the buyer and no amount of video or stills will ever match walking into a home.  Couple that with the fact that I have yet to meet an agent who actually knew ANYTHING about the home they were trying to sell you.  You’d think they’d do their homework before bringing you in.  In my book, they’re not really needed either. 

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