[Updated below with answer and winners]

This week on the GeekWire podcast and radio show, we have a new installment of our Name That Tech Tune contest, with an audio clip selected in honor of our in-studio guest, Robert Khoo of Penny Arcade — the Seattle-based media company behind the hit Penny Arcade webcomic and the popular Penny Arcade Expos in Seattle and Boston.

Here’s how it works: To play along, listen below for the sound. If you think you know what it is, send an email with your answer to todd@geekwire.com. From the pool of correct answers, we’ll select two people at random next week to win some limited-edition GeekWire merchandise.

If you played this game for any length of time as a kid (like I did) it’s probably a no-brainer. But it’s not an easy one, as evidenced by the fact that we stumped Robert on the show. Here’s the audio clip of the full segment.

Once again, you can send your entry to todd@geekwire.com for a chance to win. Check back next week for the answer, and the winners, and stay tuned for the full show later this morning on GeekWire (and 97.3 KIRO FM) — it’s another fun one.

Update, July 2: The answer, as many of you knew, is DigDug. Our winners: Grace Cular Yee and Austin Wilson. Thanks for playing! Check back next weekend for a new Name that Tech Tune.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/chuck.goolsbee Chuck Goolsbee

    Loved that game *so* much. Even bought an old cabinet stand up of it for my startup back in the heady “.com boom” days. Sigh.

    • Anonymous

      Great stuff, Chuck. (Got your submission, btw). I remember the exact place were this game was in the arcade where I grew up. A real classic.

    • Bunger

      Oh yeah, I had one in each of my 12 start ups back when I was a mere peasant, (reaches for caviar).

      • Snob

        Ha Ha!!! Yeah, me too, ‘cept I only had one in 3 of my 48 start ups & 1 on my 142’ yacht.

  • Ihateusernames123

    I was talking about this game a couple days ago. My “twenty something” friend had never heard of it! Man, I’m getting old……

  • Riomondo

    Much of my hard earned lawn mowing and paper route money went into this game…and many others.  Many hours spent on repairing them as well.  I now have a few in my garage…that collect more dust than $.  Good times, good times.

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