Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 still needs to dig itself out of a big hole in the smartphone market, after sinking into single digits in U.S. market share as Google’s Android rose to the top of the heap. But a new survey from the NPD Group shows that Microsoft is succeeding in getting its phones noticed.

NPD says in a news release that “Android market momentum is unquestionable — comprising at least half of all smartphone purchases for the past three quarters.”

However, the researchers add, “Android’s continued market dominance is in no way guaranteed. In fact, 44 percent of smartphone owners, and those who intend to buy one, are considering purchasing a Windows Phone 7 (WP7) device.”

That’s the good news for the company. Here’s the challenge, as explained by the NPD report …

Even so, there are a number of hurdles. For example, 45 percent of consumers are still not aware of Windows Phone 7. Furthermore among the 50 percent of consumers who plan to purchase a smartphone in the next six months, but who are not interested in Windows Phone 7, the most popular reason given also centered on lack of awareness (i.e., 46 percent felt they “don’t know enough about it”). The second most offered reason was OS ecosystem lock-in (i.e., 21 percent said they have “too much time or money invested in another smartphone OS.”)

Microsoft is banking heavily on its upcoming Mango update to Windows Phone and its partnership with Nokia to help turn the tide.


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  • Andrew Collins

    “Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 still needs to dig itself out of a big hole in the smartphone market” You mean Windows Phone 7 but yes, WP8 probably will have to as well.

    • Todd Bishop

      Thanks, you can tell where my head has been lately. I’ve fixed it above. Appreciate the help.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think WP will ever be popular in the US. They have a much better chance with Nokia in overseas markets.

    They need to get handsets on all of the discount carriers and stop the cold war they have had with Verizon to gain traction in the US.

    • techneffect

      WP7 Mango is by far the best OS its very modern it makes Android and Iphone
      feel outdated.

      • Anonymous

        I agree which is why I’ve been rocking my Focus since launch. The reality is that MS is bad at marketing.

        Android marketing is decent but it doesn’t need to be because it the only choice on most carriers (especially discount carriers) so if people don’t want a dumb phone they are walking home with an android.

        And Apples marketing is on whole other level.

        Poorly marketed phones won’t shine in the US and that’s not to mention that retail support for Windows Phone is lacking (in the stores, displays are broken, sales people don’t know how to use WP and actively hate it, etc.)

  • Anonymous

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