has been hiring new workers at an amazing clip, but a new study suggests that its employees are still feeling more overworked than their counterparts at other large technology companies.

Facebook, on the other hand, seems to have this whole work-life balance thing figured out.

A report out tonight from employment review site, based on online ratings from workers at various tech companies, puts the Seattle-based online retailer at the bottom of the pack of 20 large tech companies. Amazon’s work-life balance rating is 2.9, on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being best. That’s down from 3.1 last year.

Facebook remains at the top of the listed tech companies with a 4.3 rating — which is also enough to make the social networking giant No. 7 in Glassdoor’s broader ranking of work-life balance at all sorts of companies. Microsoft is in the middle of the pack with a 3.6 rating, down slightly. improved the most, rising from 3.0 to 3.5 on the Glassdoor scale.

Here are the ratings for 20 top tech companies from Glassdoor, in alphabetical order.

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  • Lawrence Lam

    Surprised to see Microsoft as high as it is, but I guess it’s a really big company so the underworked balance out the overworked

  • Guest

    Congratulations to Facebook! I suppose it’s only natural to balance one’s work and life when Facebook is so integral to daily life as it is today.

  • Guest

    It’s been years since I worked for Amazon. I just want to know, do they still give out those early 90’s style pagers to all of the SDEs?

    Nothing says high tech like getting one of those on your first day at the cubicle.

    • Guest

      Yup. You could use iPhone if you prefer, but iPhone’s message alert system can’t be customised to make some messages louder than others. In other words, James, there isn’t an app for that.

  • Guest

    Seems odd- you read the employee reviews at Glassdoor, and there’s a lot of folks saying work/life balance at Amazon does not exist. I guess either something has changed– the work environment or the employee perception.

  • Guest

    I just got a call from an Amazon recruiter this week.

    The position sounded great, however after reading all the reviews on Glassdoor as well as this study, I’m going to tell the recruiter I no longer wish to go forward.

    I’ve heard friends say Amazon is out of wack as far as work/life balance; this study and the reviews only confirms it.

    • Guest

      And salaries, right? I hear Amazon salaries are on the lower end for tech companies in Seattle.

      • Guest

        Salaries are higher, as well as you generally receive a nice signing bonus.
        However, yearly raises are about 3% regardless if you get promoted to a higher position. Also Amazon employees get very little time off – only six paid holidays (no day after thanksgiving or christmas eve) and only two weeks paid vacation that first year.
        Not a place I’d want to be.

  • guest

    interviewing 50 people in a company as big and diverse as Microsoft seems a little random to me….I know for a fact that the WLB scores from internal studies of 100% of employees vary massively from one team to another…..most of what happens in your WLB at MS comes from how your manager translates the programs that are available. 

  • Guest

    Thats to bad that a company that has one of the highest growths is not one of the top places to work. I have had friends leave Amazon because they got crushed with work. Basically zero work life balance. Hopefully Amazon can turn that around or if its not true at least the preception.

  • guest

    At the fulfillment centers you do not get holidays off unless it falls on your normal day off.  They bury you with work and set unrealistic goals (I was given less than 24 hours to plan a controls project and get quotes).  If you disagree with it they hold it against you on your review and say you are not willing to listen to others.

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