BECU's iPhone app will not be impacted by the changes

BECU, the largest credit union in Washington state, has notified customers that its mobile banking applications for Android and BlackBerry will be discontinued as of December 30th.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, the company that we worked with to develop the BECU Mobile Banking app for Android and BlackBerry is no longer offering the service,” according to a message to members. “As a result, any version of BECU Mobile Banking downloaded prior to September 25, 2011 will not work after December 30, 2011.”

BECU spokesman Todd Pietzsch tells GeekWire that the vendor responsible for the apps is exiting the mobile banking business, causing the credit union to find a new path.

As a result, BECU has decided to release a new Android version of the app, most likely around March. The BECU team is working “diligently” on the new Android app, according to the statement sent to members. It also will scrap plans for a separate BlackBerry app,  saying the decision was made after “careful analysis of our members’ usage patterns and current adoption rates.”

BECU continues to offer an iPhone app, and the changes in vendor will not impact those users. The credit union boasts more than 725,000 members, and has more than $9 billion in assets.

Pietzsch said that mobile banking remains in its “infancy,” but it is growing fast.  He did not readily have figures available on the number of Android and BlackBerry users impacted by the decision.

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  • Guestguest

    Side note:  BECU is also the 4th largest credit union in the US, ranked by assets.

  • Joe Goldberg

    When you log in to BECU online banking (on a computer), you get an “Important Mobile Banking Notice” that tells you about this, and then the two options are “Remind Me Later” and “Get the iPhone App”.  How about an “I Don’t Have An iPhone” option?

  • scooby2

    Big deal!  Use a real computer (i.e. home/laptop) and stop thinking that apps and your phone add-ons are necessary tools. They are not. Apps are for kids and if you feel you’re so important that you need to be readily available (other than by cell-phone) with email and texting, you are wrong. Keep yourself hard to reach after business hours, as otherwise you should really get a life. Not one customer of BECU should be concerned at the least over this. Oh no! I can’t wait 33 minutes in this commute til I get home to transfer funds or check my balance! Of course, simply dialing the customer service number would work.

    • Michael

      Why would you even comment on this story about apps, when “apps for kids”?

      Dial the customer service number? Really? So, when I’m in a store and want to do a quick balance check or transfer, I should call and wait 10 minutes to go through the identification and conversational process? 

      And please don’t tell me I should have done that before I left for work. One of the major conveniences of an app is the speed with which one can access information, and in some cases, being able to access information on the fly is beneficial.

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