Startup Weekend Seattle (Photo: Annie Laurie Malarkey)

Not everyone can afford to devote 54 hours of their life to Startup Weekend. But, if you’ve got 13 minutes to spare, here’s an entertaining behind-the-scenes look at the coding and development marathon held earlier this month at Madrona Venture Group’s offices in Seattle.

Produced by the very talented Mike Folden, the video captures the spirit of the event with cameos from Kyle Kesterson of Giant Thinkwell; Scott Porad of Cheezburger Network; Susan Sigl of the WTIA; and many others. (As one of the judges, I even make a brief appearance).

Those who’ve participated in Startup Weekend absolutely love it, and I’ve always been amazed at what a bunch of smart geeks can do when they lock themselves in a room for a weekend.

I especially liked the definition of entrepreneur Mike Koss who called Startup Weekend: “Awesome, high energy startup fever.”

Askitecture co-creator John Morefield provided a more in-depth analysis

“I’ve tried to build this thing by myself, and coming to Startup Weekend has just been insane. The amount of passion and energy that everyone has, that within 60 seconds I was able to throw my idea out there and get a group of stellar guys to just jump on board and build the hell out of it. It is like been two years of an uphill battle, with 54 hours epic finish.”

If that sounds like fun, there’s another Startup Weekend planned for June 10 to 12 at’s campus in Seattle.

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  • mckoss

    Awesome video!

  • joesunga

    Mike Folden is one talented guy. He was able to bottle everything that encompasses Startup Weekend (in my mind) in those 13 minutes. From the excitement and energy to the heads down work and relief when it was over. Great reminder of what a great event it was, and can’t wait to see what the folks in June are going to churn out. :)

  • Joshua ‘Red’ Russak

    Great video! They should do something that’s during the week for out-of-work talent and give them something to fight for ;)

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