This morning, I received a text message that said: “Hi Daddy, I love You!” It wasn’t from my 18-month-old son, though he has taken a liking to my iPhone. I was testing out a new service created by Seattle developer Kirill Zubovsky, who built the app in about a day using Facebook Connect, Ruby on Rails, MongoDB and Heroku.

“Father’s Day was coming up, I had the domain, and I wanted to play with the Facebook authentication,” said Zubovsky, who wrote about developing the new app on his blog GeekAtSea.

The Hi Daddy, I Love You! app is pretty simple, and not that noteworthy in and of itself. After all, it simply allows you to sign up via your Facebook account, input a phone number and then receive a text with the message above.

But what I found more interesting is Zubovsky’s analysis of his experience developing on Facebook. He goes into great detail discussing some of the ups and downs of trying to build the app in less than 24 hours.

“Given the amount of data users store on Facebook, and the amount of data and data manipulations that you could potentially access, Facebook is just a developer’s heaven,” he writes.

Zubovsky, a veteran of Seattle Startup Weekend, is accustomed to developing things quickly. But his plan to develop this app in a night took its toll.

“My one-night app took less than 24 hours to create, but it’s not even close to perfect, and my sleep pattern is now completely out of whack,” he writes. “Doing something like that again, I’d much rather take a weekend next time.”

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  • Joshua ‘Red’ Russak

    Nice work Kirill! Saw this last night and had no idea it was you. Well done sir.

    • Kirill Zubovsky

      Thanks Red! Next Father’s day I’ll try to pimp the app out and have it ready a few weeks ahead of time :)

  • downtownvue

    Good Job Kirill!
    I used it too!

    • Kirill Zubovsky

      Thanks! Let’s plan a DowntownVue promotion for all the Bellevue fathers! .. gotta wait for 364 days tho … maybe we should do a few other ones until then. After all, it only takes a day to build the app :)

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