Sounders fans (Kurt Schlosser photo)

They’ve got Mt. Hood, we’ve got Mt. Rainier. They’ve got BridgePort, we’ve got Manny’s Pale Ale. They’ve got Intel, we’ve got Microsoft. That’s right, baby, it’s rivalry weekend as the Seattle Sounders face off on the Xbox pitch this Saturday night against the Portland Timbers. We’re certainly pumped up. And, in the spirit of the competition, Team GeekWire has put down a wager with Portland’s very own Rick Turoczy of the Portland tech blog Silicon Florist.

What’s at stake, other than pride?

If the Sounders win, Rick (a fellow soccer nut and former keeper at Whitman College) has agreed to write a guest post on GeekWire about his impressions of the Seattle tech community. If the Timbers somehow prevail, I’ll do the equivalent about Portland’s scene on Silicon Florist. (The loser will also will pick up the beer tab when we meet next time).

A draw? We’ll double down and increase the stakes for the Sounders’ July 10th match in Portland. (Here’s Rick’s post on our friendly wager).

Like the Sounders, Turoczy said that the Portland tech community has really rallied around the new franchise. “The tech scene is a huge part of the Timbers’ Army,” said Turoczy, adding that a lot of the support comes out of Portland’s strong open source software community.

A famous moment in the Timbers-Sounders rivalry

The Timbers also have made efforts to connect with tech-savvy fans through Twitter, Facebook and mobile applications. But just like Seattle’s tech community is bigger, so is the Sounders’ social media presence? (We’ve got 181,759 Facebook fans to the Timbers’ 47,490. And we’re just ahead in Twitter followers at 17,999 to their 14,550).

Now, there’s certainly a lot on the line for us here at GeekWire. And I wouldn’t make this bet if I weren’t confident that Fredy Montero and crew could get the job done. So, I am predicting a 3-1 victory on Saturday night, and looking forward to Rick’s post.

But I could use a good luck charm (and a screaming partner) from the Seattle tech community to help bring home the victory. I’ve got a free ticket for the GeekWire/Sounders fan who can provide the best case as to why he/she should join the festivities.

Just leave a comment below (or email me) about why you’d make a good addition to the GeekWire crew for Saturday’s match. We’ll pick a winner later this evening.


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  • D Jensen

     John! Not only am I a HUGE Sounders fan, I’m also an avid reader of GeekWire, and Techflash before that! But somehow I’m lacking a ticket for tomorrow, and am desperate to see the Sounders (and you) prevail in the I-5 rivalry!

    • johnhcook

      D, I sent you a note via email, so let me know if you are still interested in the ticket. I’ve got another person interested if you can’t make it. I am at  

  • Brian M. Westbrook

    I’m from Portland.

    • johnhcook

      Immediately denied. :) 

      • Brian M. Westbrook

         Yes, but see, I did say I’m FROM Portland… and have since reformed my ways. PLUS– I’d be a great game-mate… I travel with a Verizon hotspot in the AT&T dead-zone that is Qwest Field on Sounders game day.  :-)

        • johnhcook

          Now, the hotspot idea is not a bad one. :) 

  • joesunga

     I’m really bummed that I’m missing this game. You got to love having the Portland Timbers and the Vancouver Whitecaps in the MLS now. Cascadia Cup!

  • Frank D

    Josh, I could care less about US Soccer and even less about Geekwire – however, I do live in Portland and think our fair city if far superior to Seattle in many, many ways. If you vote for me, all of your wildest dreams will come true. 

    • Frank D

      and by “Josh” I mean “John” 

  • Anonymous

    This game is so important, even the WSJ devoted their sports page to the rivalry:  :-)
    Go Sounders!  
    Cheers, Sounders Scooter Club. 

  • Anonymous

    I too would LOVE to join you at the game tomorrow.  As an avid soccer play since I was little, I also played at Whitman but for the ladies team and of course unlike Rick, I cheer for the RIGHT team.  I’d love the opportunity to join you at the game and cheer the Sounders on to victory!

  • daveschappell

    See u at the game, John!

    • johnhcook

      Cool. We will likely be at the Old Triangle pub down on 1st Avenue if folks want to stop by and say hello. Go Sounders. 

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