Seattle 2.0 has become a staple of Seattle’s tech startup community over the past four years. Founded by Marcelo Calbucci, its mission is to help tech entrepreneurs build great companies.

It does this with a powerful one-two punch, combining online resources such as its job board and Startup Index with in-person events such as the Seattle 2.0 Awards and Startup Day — marshaling the resources of the community, including entrepreneurs, investors, advisers, blog contributors and media.

Today, we’re delighted to announce that this community has a new home in GeekWire.

How did the stars line up for this acquisition?

First off, the goal of Seattle 2.0 dovetails nicely with one of the core components of the GeekWire mission: to be a megaphone for innovation in the Pacific Northwest. Rooted in Seattle, GeekWire brings you news from the region that impacts the globe, and provides a platform for the tech community to engage.

The Seattle 2.0 community will add fuel to this fire. And, rest assured, we’ll keep those fires burning.

We’ve already launched our job board, teeming with opportunities for techies, from startups to heavy-hitters. Stay tuned for news on additional Seattle 2.0 site elements as we continue the integration. And in 2012, in addition to our own signature events and meetups, GeekWire will be proud to present two of the best tech events in town: the Seattle 2.0 Awards in the spring, and Startup Day in the fall.

Secondly, timing is everything. After emerging from this year’s TechStars program, as Marcelo says, he’s “110% committed” to his new startup, EveryMove.

Marcelo Calbucci
Marcelo Calbucci, EveryMove

Describing his exit from Seattle 2.0, Marcelo says, “The biggest winner is neither GeekWire, nor Seattle 2.0, but the community itself that will be able to enjoy a much more comprehensive and up-to-date set of services to support and empower entrepreneurs.”

We couldn’t agree more. And we’re delighted to have his help and support through the transition.

Last but not least, it just feels right. The connection points are almost too numerous to mention. Our chairman, Jonathan Sposato was the lead mentor for EveryMove.  John Cook helped inspire Seattle 2.0′s popular startup index. As for yours truly, in my previous life at the Alliance of Angels, I was honored to be on first team of six blog contributors to Seattle 2.0.

As always, we look forward to your input as we start the next chapter for GeekWire and Seattle 2.0. Help us help you by letting us know what you think. And on behalf of GeekWire, a warm welcome to entire Seattle 2.0 family, and a huge shout-out to Marcelo for instigating and inspiring the tech community.

Now for some FAQ’s:

Q) So wait, is Marcelo working for GeekWire now?

A): No, he is all EveryMove, all the time. We are fortunate to have him consult with us on the migration of the Seattle 2.0 elements into GeekWire.

Q) Will the Seattle 2.0 site remain live?

A) We will keep each element of the site running until we launch it on the GeekWire site. For example, today, we have parallel job postings on both Seattle 2.0 and GeekWire. By 12/31 the job board migration will be complete, and all postings will be hosted on our site. Check it out here! Stay tuned for other features you know and love, such as the Startup Index.

Q) What will happen to the Seattle 2.0 events?

A) We will proudly carry on the tradition of presenting the Seattle 2.0 Awards in the Spring, and Startup Day in the fall– they’ve been two of the best tech events in town and fit perfectly into our 2012 calendar. In addition to our first anniversary celebration and summit (March), a blow-out summer bash, and year-end gala, these two jewels in the crown will round out our signature events for the year.

Rebecca Lovell, Chief Business Officer, GeekWire,

Update: Marcelo shares more of his thoughts in this post on his personal blog: Seattle 2.0: From humble beginnings to a new home at GeekWire.

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  • Chris DeVore

    Fantastic news! We need one strong voice for the tech community here in Seattle and bringing Seattle 2.0 and GeekWire together does that in spades. Congrats to Marcelo and the GeekWire team on a very smart combination. We’re lucky to have you all, and even luckier to have you working together.

  • Marcelo Calbucci

    I can’t emphasize enough how many people helped make Seattle 2.0 a success. Thank you GeekWire team to believe on the existing and future value of this organization.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Marcelo!  To avoid that over-used business term “synergy,” I’ll just say it’s cosmic how this all came together.  Great fit, great timing, great relationships, and we believe a big win for the region.  We’re honored to be carrying the torch! 

  • Mike Mathieu

    Smart move.

  • Bob Silver

    Great news. What a terrific development for Seattle’s great start-up community.

  • Megan Muir

    This is a great combination. Congratulations to all involved.  And thanks to Marcelo and the others at Seattle 2.0 for all they’ve done to add to our startup environment.  Marcelo, Good luck building EveryMove.  Geekwire, great lineup of events for 2012 (hard to believe it hasn’t even been a year yet).  MM

  • Ken Myer

    Congratulations on a great marriage! Marcello…you did a fantastic job creating and building Seattle 2.0 and it’s terrific to see it live on as part of GeekWire.

  • Luke Dieker

    Congrats to both Geekwire and Marcelo. This is a perfect combination. Keep the good stuff coming!

  • Brant Williams

    Is the Seattle Startup FTC calling about the monopoly?  Well done all.  Looking forward to the combined awesomeness that will come from this.

    • johnhcook

      That got a chuckle from me, Brant. We are certainly pretty excited about this opportunity. Stay tuned for more details!!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats! good news for Seattle Tech Community.

  • Scott Krager

    Great news! Two of my favorite Seattle tech news sources now together in one. Sometimes 1+1 does equal 3!

    • Anonymous

      As a recovering high school mathlete, I like your arithmetic!  Thanks, Scott.

  • daryn

    Congrats everyone!

  • Arlington Albertson

    This is full of SOOO much #WIN!!!! Congratulations guys. I love both your sites and I’m sure this merger will be a great boon to BOTH cultures and sites. 

  • daveschappell

    It’s very cool to see Journalism/Community 2.0 happening before our eyes.  Congrats to you all.

  • Monica Guzman

    This is great to hear! Nice work, all :)

  • Anonymous

    Great news. Congrats to everyone involved! Should be a HUGE win for the community. Plus you hired Red… and he rocks so this is just another great move. :)

  • NWEN

    Congratulations!! Great move for the entrepreneurial community. Cheers all!

  • Matt Hulett

    Congrats to Marcelo and to Geekwire!

  • Seattle Startup

    So, one of the great services you provide is insight into acquisitions in the industry…you work hard to uncover details (like price) since you know your readers really want that information.  Given this, would you share the acquisition price with your readers?  You know it’s what we want.

    • Seattle Startup

      John, no reply?  Looking forward to seeing how you treat this situation, given expectations you set for mergers, acquisitions, etc.

      • johnhcook

        I just asked GeekWire’s Chief Business Officer Rebecca Lovell for comment, and she declined to disclose the terms of the deal. 

        Thanks for reading GeekWire. :)

        • Seattle Startup

          So…how do you balance this with your hard work to get just that info on every other deal – but refuse to release the info for your own deal?

  • Christine Thompson

    This makes a lot of sense for the entire tech + innovation community here in the Northwest.

  • johnhcook

    Thanks for all of the kind words. We’re super excited to have Seattle 2.0 in the GeekWire family. 

  • billykid

    Congrats!  Great stuff John.

  • Kyle Kesterson

    Stoked to see two of my most favorite Seattle entities coming together! I can’t wait to see what babies you make and the positive ripples that it has in continuing to build the community. Cheers to both sides!

  • Kevin Lisota

    Love this news! Great to see how you guys keep building a great community, and love to see how quickly things have ramped up since you struck out on your own.

  • Bill Bryant

    Marcelo, does the sale include the rights to Seattle 3.0 that you and I were going to start? 

    Congrats to everyone who was involved in making this happen.  Next thing we’ll hear is that Geekwire has acquired TechCrunch in its inexorable path to world tech journalism domination.

  • Danny

    As someone who’s followed both of you guys from afar and am in a similar organization myself, Silicon Prairie News, this marriage makes a lot of sense and it’s awesome to see you guys make it happen.

    Also, I was a bit confused when I visited Seattle 2.0 this morning to check out its Seattle 2.0 Awards page and I couldn’t find a link on the front page. Now I know why :)

    Looking forward to what’s next Geek Wire. Congrats!

  • Salliecook

    Congratulations! Keep it coming.
    Sallie Cook, John’s mom

  • bigoven

    Finally, a merger in the tech community that makes sense.  :-)

  • Ssigl

    Great strategic combination!   John, Rebecca, Red, Monica, Annie Laurie et al — great to watch GW role model entrepreneurial spirit while never missing a news beat.  You’re on fire–keep going.

  • Chris McCoy

    Nicely done!

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