Microsoft opened a new store at University Village in Seattle this morning — the 12th in its fledgling retail chain and the first inside the Seattle city limits, directly across a small parking lot from the shopping center’s longtime Apple Store.

Hundreds of people waited in line, some of them overnight, hoping for free tickets to concerts for weekend concerts by The Black Keys and OneRepublic, part of the opening festivities.

After the presentation of more than $1 million $2 million in donations to local organizations, and brief remarks from Mayor Mike McGinn and Microsoft executive Rich Kaplan, the crowd counted down from seven — Microsoft’s current favorite number, Kaplan explained — and filed into the store as a raucous group of employees gave them high-fives.

Microsoft plans to open up to 75 additional stores over the next two or three years.

[Update: Microsoft gave $250,000 to Washington STEM, $150,000 to Treehouse and $1.875 million to YMCA of Greater Seattle, based on voting on its Facebook page.]

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  • Guest

    Congratulations to Microsoft on the opening! This is great news for consumers throughout the city. Now if only we had one downtown.

  • Kim Gordon

    Look how uncool those people are? There was a bug when the curtain falls:)

  • Anonymous

    That actually looks like it might jsut work man.

  • swimtwobirds

    “..and filed into the store as a raucous group of employees gave them high-fives.”

    their aping of apple, is, and I really mean this, embarrassing. It actually makes me squirm

  • Youdakidding

    Selling what? their software? Dell PC/Tablet, HP LaserJet? Or just XBox / Kinect, and Zume . . . A BestBuy competitor??

  • ChuckOp

    Actually, Apple ripped off Microsoft in that regard:  Microsoft has a tradition of bringing down a curtain and greeting people with high-fives, dressed in the Windows colors.  Compare the end of this video with the end of the Windows 95 Launch video, long before any Apple store existed:

    • Patrick Toolan

      Not remotely the same! Of course nobody would want to claim that either Microsoft nor Apple invented the curtain: it’s the interior and look and feel of the Microsoft store which is somewhat remarkably similar to the Apple stores, in my opinion.

      • ChuckOp

        No disagreement there regarding store layout (although I haven’t been in a Microsoft Store).  I was referring to the store “launch” that @swimtwobirds was complaining about. 

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