Is the iPad a PC? The research firm Canalys counts it as one, and based on that it’s predicting that Apple will overtake HP as the top PC vendor in the world in the second half of next year.

Canalys says in a news release that the trend shows how tablets, and particularly the iPad, have “radically changed the dynamics of the PC industry over the last year.

“Apple has seen its PC market share expand from 9% to 15% in just four quarters, though iPad shipments in its core market – the United States – are likely to come under pressure in Q4 due to the launch of the Fire and Nook at extremely competitive price points,” said Canalys Analyst Tim Coulling in the release. “HP and Apple will fight for top position in Q4, but Apple may have to wait for the release of iPad 3 before it passes HP.”

Research firm IDC, which doesn’t count the iPad as a PC, puts Apple at No. 3 in U.S. shipments, and not yet in the top 5 worldwide.


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  • Guest

    “We love our strategy. The board loves our strategy”

    – Steve Ballmer.

  • Guest

    Congratulations to Apple on finally cracking the entry-level PC market! This is great news for those with $500 to spend on a computer.

  • Sacramentoca

    Can the ipad run a dvd or cd?  Can it convert video formats to others?  Does not sound like the ipad is a pc. 

    • Guest

      What’s a DVD or a CD?

  • Guest 22

    An absurd study, at best.

    The iPad is not a computer.  If I can’t open an IDE on it…a full version of Photoshop…or have a keyboard…it’s not a computer. 

    Further, Apple are just barely at 5% of the global market in terms of personal computers.  The iPad (being generous and even addressing that issue) will dwindle as the early-adopter market has been saturated and saturated again.  The mainstream market are price conscious and headed elsewhere.

    Oh, let’s not forget, for those of us who need a real computer, that the dawn of Ultrabooks (and next year, Ultrabooks+touch) is upon us.  

    Apple will remain, with the exception of the iPod, a niche device with 5-10% market share, when they have a hit (let’s not forget, the iPhone is only 9% of the US mobile market and far less on a global level).

    • Bob

      Of course it’s a computer. It has a CPU, memory, storage, I/O, etc. The question is whether or not it’s a “PC”. 

      I’d argue it’s not fully there yet. So including the numbers in total make PC comparisons meaningless. OTOH, there are clearly some who are already using/buying it in lieu of a PC. And I’d expect more to do so as its functionality improves. So not including it understates the very real gain in PC market share that Apple has achieved.

  • Jason Gerard Clauss

    Wrigley’s will be by far the biggest smartphone manufacturer of 2012 if a stick of gum counts as a smartphone.

  • Jason Gerard Clauss

    Wrigley’s will be by far the biggest smartphone manufacturer in 2012, if a stick of gum counts as a smartphone.

  • Jeffry Cole

    If the iPad is a computer then so is an iPod,  a zune or any MP3 player with a browser.

  • Guest

    If it’s not a PC then PC growth is virtually over, which is negative for MS, HP, Dell, etc. (everyone but people like Apple who continue to gain share with Mac). And if it is a PC, then MS, HP, Dell, are all being disrupted. So regardless of definition, it’s a negative for previous leaders and a win for Apple.

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