Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” update has already been distributed as an update for existing Windows Phone devices, but now it’s rolling out on new phones, as well.

AT&T announced that its new Windows Phone 7.5 devices, the Focus S and Focus Flash by Samsung, will be available in AT&T stores starting this coming weekend, on Nov. 6. (Focus S is $199.99, Focus Flash is 49.99 with a two-year contract). The HTC Radar 4G is coming to T-Mobile USA Nov. 2 ($99.99 after rebate with a two-year contract).

Reviewing Windows Phone Mango last week, New York Time tech columnist David Pogue put it this way: “Windows Phone 7.5 is gorgeous, classy, satisfying, fast and coherent. The design is intelligent, clean and uncluttered. Never in a million years would you guess that it came from the same company that cooked up the bloated spaghetti that is Windows and Office.”

This update to Windows Phone is Microsoft’s latest bid to regain traction in the mobile market against Android and iPhone. Are you feeling it? Vote in our poll below.

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  • Anonymous

    The Lumia 800 is the only Windows Phone that might make me switch. And with no US launch date given it’s hard to get excited.

    Every other Windows Phone looks like what it is, a re-purposed Android handset.

    • Gary Voth

      In terms of hardware, perhaps; however, every Windows Phone comes with a consistent user experience that is refreshingly unique and compelling when compared to Android (in my opinion).

      I do agree the Lumia 800 is a beautiful design and wish it were available here. It will be interesting to see what Nokia can do in 2012. My hope is that Windows Phone shines with a major device maker putting their best work behind it, which should also motivate HTC and Samsung and others to compete harder.

  • guest

    Id be willing to try the Lumia, but not all the other HTC and Samsung ones.  The longer they wait thought the closer the iphone 5 gets..

  • Guest

    I’d hold out for Windows Phone 8. Much like iPhone 5, the next major revision will really compel consumers to come.

  • Jason Gerard Clauss

    I don’t know how self-selecting this article is, but those results are promising for MS. I’m a pretty committed Android user, but I am cheering on WP7 and Mango. Hope they can take some of the wind out of Apple’s sales (see what I did there?).

  • Anonymous

    Comments == polling?

    I was really impressed with the Samsung Focus at the Windows store.  I will probably get a Samsung Android as a result but more research may lead to Windows instead.  My wife wants the Windows phone, period.

    I guess I worry that the Windows Phone will go the way of the Zune etc (which is deprecated).

    We currently use iPhone 3’s.  We’d like them to wear out before replacing them.  I don’t use enough bandwidth to justify 4G data, but I’ll get it when it is replacement time.

    Finally, when looking at Windows Phones at the AT&T store a few months back, the sales person really turned us off by practically spitting at the idea we were interested in Windows phones.  She was steering us around them with all her might.

    • Todd Bishop

      Your experience with the AT&T sales person is something I’ve experienced at T-Mobile, as well. I believe it’s one of Microsoft’s biggest challenges right now.

    • Yetter

      Honestly many people have had similar experiences.  I had to convince the sales person the wp7 was the phone I wanted because I did my research before I went phone shopping.

  • Todd Bishop

    The Windows Phone I’m waiting for details on is the HTC Titan, the 4.7-incher that’s coming from AT&T. (It’s the one pictured above in the post.)

    I checked with AT&T today and they haven’t yet announced pricing or availability.

  • Anonymous

    These articles always amaze.  Hordes of people pledging to buy a Windows Phone and adoring the thing, but somehow they just don’t show up in the sales numbers.

  • Jesse Kriner

    i own the original workhorse, Samsung Focus. Mango is what I’ve been waiting for. No freeze, locking up, forced reboots. Always smooth…..

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