If you can get over the shock of Apple not announcing a new iPhone 5 today, there’s actually a lot of interesting stuff in the new iPhone 4S, even if it is housed in the same hardware as the existing iPhone 4.

Apart from the faster processor, zippier graphics and better battery life, there’s the new Siri voice-controlled intelligent assistant (pictured at right), which looks pretty useful.

But seriously, no after all that anticipation, no iPhone 5?

OK, let’s move on. If you were waiting on Apple’s announcement before buying a new phone, where does this leave you? Vote in our poll below.



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  • Guest

    Who would buy one of these when the Nexus Prime is announced next week?  Looking at the early specs, including NFC, the iPhone 4Sxxxwhatever seems like it already has cobwebs on it.

    SIRI?  Please.  It’s a gateway and censor that only delivers pre-approved data to the User.  It is not a general personal assistant in any manner whatsoever (It will get you a taxi from an approved vendor; but, not from all vendors…it will make a reservation at one approved restaurant but not the establishment next door; so, if you don’t mind Apple force-feeding you information, well, then it’s fab).

    Honestly, I think we’ll look back on today as a moment when Apple lost it’s mobile edge.  It may eek-up to top out at 15% of the U.S. market, but it will never hit 25%.

    • Guest

      I foresee iPhone becoming rather like the Macintosh of the mobile world: expensive, slick, premium, and a certain loyal community will snobbishly reject anything else. The remaining 90% of us will choose better devices.

  • Guest

    I’ll wait for iPhone 5, thanks. Would you buy a version 4.5 product if version 5 were about to be released? I mean, Sprint bought $20 billion worth of iPhone 5 and they’ll be damned if they don’t sell them all soon!

  • Robertwampler

    Well this just helped wp7 even more with all the new phones comming out nokia is in a great spot now to really show off what they got going and so does microsoft.  been useing mango now for a week and i can’t think of anything better to use now days than what microsoft has gave us.  At least wp7 people did not have to get a new phone just for a few small add on’s that the iphone 4s has lol….

    • http://twitter.com/TweetingAC Andrew Collins

      You think Apple having phone offerings at $0, $99, $199, $299, and $399 is good for WP7 and Nokia?! I think the iPhone 4S was a planned incremental upgrade but the 3GS for free and the iPhone4 for $99 was a reaction to Android dominance and also a stiff arm to RIMM and MSFT’s mobile offerings. (If it matters I was a loyal Windows Mobile user from 2006 to 2010. Android since and quite happy.)

  • Appleman

    Apple has lost what makes it unique. I’m done with this gamesmanship they are playing Android products are being developed as fast as current technology allows and avoid all this smoke and mirrors crap. Worst part its not just my phone it will be my entire business which all my real estate sales associates have iPhones form the company. Thanks apple

    • Anonymous

      What, pray tell, did you think makes Apple unique, before they lost it?

  • http://twitter.com/FlagstaffPhotos FlagstaffPhotos

    My BB Curve gives me my email and text messages immediately, and phone calls with fantastic quality. Opera Mini and Bolt Browser make it a very serviceable internet device. All for $55 a month (plus tax) for unlimited phone, text, and data. No WAY am I going to pay several hundred dollars for a phone and $150 a month or more for a 4G data plan, just to play a few more internet videos or Angry Birds. My phone has no stupid games, and the only app I use is Google Maps.

    • Guest

      Thank you, Flag. You’re the only sane one left.

  • http://twitter.com/FlagstaffPhotos FlagstaffPhotos

    And my BB has real buttons. I just love watching iPhone and Android users having to punch at their touchscreens over and over as they mis-spell simple text messages or try to dial a phone number. 

  • Avarwen

    Meh never got what the big deal was l with the iphone. 4s is a joke it’s just Apple trying to get more tech geeks money. But I’m not surprised the main reason I have an Android phone is because it was under $200 and contract free something Apple didn’t have.. Besides Android already has most of the features that make the iphone 4s so much better than the iphone4. I’ve had no problems with my Android phone and will keep it till the new phones with quad-core chips and 12mp cameras come out.

  • Kerry

    Your missing an important poll option, “I am sticking with my iPhone 4”.

  • Guest

    I really wonder how much the appearance of iPhones sells them vs. their functionality. Imagine if the 4S had the exact same guts and same software upgrades but was called a 5 and came in a curved shell that was 10% taller and wider and 20% thinner. AAPL might be up 5% instead of down. 

    When you pull the 4S out of your pocket it’s not obvious to everyone around you that you have the latest and greatest they way it was with the 4. Who wants that?

  • http://www.redwireservices.com Nick Webb

    Sadly, I still use the 3G (no “S”), and I’m going to Android.  The iPhone 4S/5 would have been a contender for me, but 4G is the deal breaker in my book.  I can’t wait much longer.

    Seems like apple is way behind the times, but I see their stance on sticking with 3G as it’s prevalent.  I hope, for their sake, that the iPhone 5 has WiMAX and LTE options…

  • guest

    I have been on the original iPhone (iPhone 2G) since early 2008. No
    unlocking, no jailbreaking – a loyal happy AT&T user with the iPhone
    ($20 unlimited data, 200 texts free). I was waiting for the iPhone 5,
    and 4S came along. Should I upgrade to the 4S? Will the iPhone 5 come out in 2012?

    • Guest

      Wait for the 5. The 4S is a fool’s game.

  • Peru Reynaldo

    Why would they be updating the software when there are so many other issues to be handled, like making the screen more thick so that it doesnt crack or making it stronger and more impact resistant..

  • http://fadi.el-eter.com Fadi El-Eter

    Everyone was expecting an iPhone 5, and they they said no, it’s going to be iPhone 4S? But if it’s $99, then one should expect it to sell like hot cakes!

  • Me

    They should have touted the support for HSPA+ (up to 14.4) as I think some individuals were expecting an LTE / 4G version

  • Mark

    The iPhone4 came out and it dropped your calls. Consumer Report said not tu buy it. I’m glad I held off. Then the iPhone4s came out and its battery drops dead in less than eight hours! This is a problem since for some reason Apple does not allow you to swap batteries! 
    Hold on to your 3GS and wait for the iPhone5. The number four is cursed for Apple.And when is the iPhone going to get a screen that can compete against android? Even the BlackBerry Torch has a 3.7″ screen! 

  • Anonymous

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