After my last sports injury, my doctor, having grown weary of well over a decade of everything from concussions to sprained ankles, asked: “Have you ever thought of taking up checkers?”  I am not a sit-on-the-sidelines kind of girl, it turns out.  So after five years of encouraging entrepreneurs and supporting startups, I finally joined one: GeekWire.

I am truly excited about being part of this incredible platform.  We’re not just observing news, but catalyzing it.  Not just admiring innovation, but giving it a voice. Not just creating community behind the scenes, but bringing it to the forefront.

So in this open letter to you, Geeks of the PNW and beyond, I’m asking that you join us in this adventure. It’s not just for spectators, but truly a participation sport.

What does that mean? You’ve already seen it all over the site — the engagement on comment threads is just one example of this community springing into action. As far as this occasional column, lovelletters, is concerned … think Dan Savage meets Dear Abby, for geeks. Send me your entrepreneurial questions, ask me for startup tips, tell me what’s on your mind, and we’ll all meet up here to discuss.

I’m not an attorney, an accountant, or investor. I am a lover, not a fighter. If your baby is ugly, I’ll see if I can help you get a refund on those beauty pageant fees. I might tell you to keep your day job. But I will support you in every way I can.

My own day job isn’t in journalism. I’m the business end of GeekWire. But as an occasional columnist I will tell you, snark is cheap. Fun is good. Empire Strikes Back is the only sequel I know better than the original (just sayin’). As my colleagues know, I was more mathlete than cheerleader in high school, but when it comes to entrepreneurs, I consider myself a superfan.

Now for Lovelletters– how do you get in the game? I have entertained and am happy to answer such questions as:

  • does my business plan hold water?
  • will the dog eat the dogfood?
  • when (if ever) is the right time for me to seek outside capital for my business?
  • it’s my idea, but am I the right CEO? there’s no “I” in team but there’s no team without “me,” right?
  • what’s the over/under on Andy Sack’s next haircut?

Sky’s the limit. Email me (, hit me up on twitter (@lovelletters), comment on this post,  but send in your questions and I’ll give you my honest take.

Last but not least: Speaking of participation sports, stay tuned for details on our much-anticipated GeekWire launch party, “Get Your Geek On.” Join us June 22, at the Showbox SODO. From tunes to trash talk, we’ve got something for everyone. Register today!

Mailbox photo by Steve Cyr, via Flickr

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  • Evan Jacobs

    Just bought my ticket for the GeekWire launch party. Really looking forward to it.

    • Anonymous

      Sweet! Will be great to have some hackers in the house, @evanjacobs!  

  • Kevin Leneway

     Welcome Rebecca!  Just bought my ticket as well, should be an awesome event. 

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Kevin! Game on– squid optional. 

      • johnhcook

        I think we need the Giant Thinkwell squid there for sure. :) Thanks Kevin.  

  • Paul Watts

     Something called GeekBall may be a sport that I am actually good at. 

  • Todd Humphrey

    Sports, tunes, real (read: Canadian) beer, Vespers, karaoke, and the Geek Crew…sounds like a party to me…count me in!

  • FrankCatalano

    Now the big question on the GeekWire launch party: How do the classes of registration differ? Student is clear. Startupper is sort of clear (actual or aspirational). But Techie vs. Professional?

    • Anonymous

      Good point, Frank!  Thanks for being a beta-tester as always! :)   The categories are offered as follows, with this explanation now in the invite: “Self-select your ticket type. Students and startuppers, we know you’re on a tight budget!  Geeks– you’re a techie living the dream, and can pitch in a few extra bucks to help cover costs for this bash.  Geek Fan Club– you’re in the “geekosystem: ”  you provide services to startups and geeks, and want to chip in at the full-price ticket level.   Let your conscience be your guide!” 

      • FrankCatalano

        Definitely prefer Geek and Geek Fan Club over Techie and Professional. And the explainer. A Choose-Your-Own-Geek-Ticket Adventure.

        • Anonymous

          Done!  So are you going to Get Your Geek On?  

          • FrankCatalano

             Wouldn’t miss it. Either as a Geek or a Practical Nerd.

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