Olympia’s water is legendary, giving rise to one of the region’s best beer slogans ever. But Washington’s capitol may soon be known for something else: broadband. The city of 46,000 people recently ranked as having the best Internet connectivity in the U.S.

According to a report by the FCC conducted by Seattle-based Ookla, Olympia boasts Internet download speeds of 21 Mbps. That’s nearly double the average download speeds in Seattle, which tied for second with New York showing speeds of 11.7 Mbps.

The FCC used the report to showcase how the U.S. in general lags behind other countries in broadband adoption, including South Korea, United Kingdom, Canada and Germany. In fact, the report indicates that the U.S. ranks 9th overall for mobile broadband adoption and 12th for fixed broadband.

Olympia is on par or beats some of the foreign cities mentioned in the report, but it still lags way behind Seoul, South Korea which stood on top in the report with average download speeds of 35 Mbps.

Meanwhile, the FCC reports that more than 100 million Americans do not subscribe to broadband.

OECD Rankings, Wireless Broadband Subscriptions per 100 inhabitants


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  • Guest

    I miss that beer.

  • http://twitter.com/Moeskido Moeskido

    Check out Korea’s ranking. This is what you get when you actually invest in infrastructure.

  • Mgrieves427

    I get over 30 mb/s on Time Warner Cable’s Road Runner Turbo… just sayin.

  • Tea C

    I live in Oly and get about 1.5 mbps. I’d love to know how to get almost 15 times that speed.

  • No

    Ahahahaha… as a long-time resident, this is patently false.  Move along.

  • 509

    The article is incorrect. 

    The fastest internet in Washington state is found in Chelan, Douglas and Grant Counties.

    Basic service is at 25 Mbps and 100 Mbps.  You can upgrade to 1Gbps for a couple of hundred a month. 

    The service is on the PUD’s fiber optic lines and most county residents have access to the service.  There are many local companies providing internet, voice and cable services over the networks.

  • waterdouche

    Stay on Topic Bro. Water headline and first sentence is about water but then internet? Wasted my time but good thing we have fast connectivity!

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