Mike Koss

Seattle startup guru Mike Koss of Startpad.org was watching news coverage of the crisis in Japan when he noticed people holding large sheets of cardboard over their heads, covered in tin foil, presumably hoping to protect themselves from radioactive fallout.

Which raised an interesting question in his mind: Would that work?

As he explains in the video above, he just happens to be the proud owner of a Geiger counter and a small sample of uranium. (“It was legal when I bought it — I think,” he tells us via phone.)

In other words, he had the perfect ingredients to test the implicit hypothesis put forth by the Japanese people.

See the video for the results. Without spoiling the ending, it’s safe to say we’ll sooner wrap our heads in wet towels than cover them with tin foil, if it comes down to it.

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  • http://faves.com/users/mike mckoss

    As Dave A. in our office points out, the most serious hazard is ingestion of radioactive particles in dust. Even an elevated ambient radiation is not likely to cause long-term harm. Wearing a water-soaked mask and washing your exposed skin when you come back inside would probably be indicated if you’re in a fallout area.

  • Anonymous

    Amazon sells Uranium everyday.

    So I don’t think Mike has to worry to much about it being legal.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting, I learn something new every day. Good to know … I think.

      • http://www.facebook.com/john.fabello John Fabello


  • http://twitter.com/danshapiro Dan Shapiro

    Mike, you have lots of options to restock when your sample decays (in 4 bn years): http://www.unitednuclear.com/
    Despite the picture of the guy with the suggestive eyebrows asking “Looking for some uranium?”, they’re actually a reliable scientific supplier, from what I’ve heard.

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