I’d love to get this in my kitchen nook. Megan Garber of the Nieman Journalism Lab gets an inside look at how The New York Times — using a modified Microsoft Surface device — is reinventing how people consume their morning newspaper at the breakfast table.

It’s pretty cool stuff, especially the GadgetGuru feature which will allow users to plop a device like a digital camera onto the interactive tabletop in order to get reviews, pricing information and more.

New York Times R&D Lab: The kitchen table of the Future from Nieman Journalism Lab on Vimeo.

Garber writes:

The prototypes on display at the R&D Lab consider how news can be used, in particular, in the home, woven into the intimate contexts of the morning coffee, the family dinner, the daily getting-ready routine. They explore what it means to brush your teeth with the Times.

I’ve been a big fan of the Microsoft Surface ever since I got an opportunity to play Settlers of Catan on it a while back. The only problem is that the Surface isn’t cheap, with a retail price tag for the upcoming device topping $7,000. (Given that, I don’t think this will end up in my kitchen anytime soon).

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  • http://www.thoughtful.co Chris Lynch

    The intersection of Kinect + Surface will be when this is cool. It might not achieve all of the goals of Surface, but it’s far more accessible today. Having a huge touchscreen as my kitchen table feels ahead of the time now due to mfg costs/technology.

    • Guest

      Agree. I don’t get how MS can continue justifying this Surface effort. It’s a niche product as currently structured.

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