iRobot's 710 Warrior

Insitu is best known for its unmanned aircraft systems. But the unit of The Boeing Co. is moving from the air to the ground as part of a new partnership with iRobot. Insitu said that it will become the new distributor of iRobot’s unmanned ground vehicles in Australia and New Zealand.  As part of the deal, Insitu will establish a facility in Brisbane for on-site training, repair and inventory storage related to iRobot’s vehicles.

“Delivering advanced unmanned systems capabilities requires the highest standard of industry collaboration,” said Insitu Pacific Managing Director Andrew Duggan said in a press release. “Bringing together Insitu Pacific’s proven capability for unmanned systems support with iRobot’s advanced range of operationally proven UGVs will provide Australian and New Zealand customers with the potential to leverage a significant operational UGV capability.”

Insitu Pacific is located in Queensland, Australia, and it has operated in the region since June 2009. It is a subsidiary of Bingen, Washington-based Insitu, which was purchased by Boeing in 2008.



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