Microsoft’s growing retail footprint, in stores and online, comes with an obligation to participate in the annual Black Friday sales — at least if it wants to keep up with the competition in the madness that is post-Thanksgiving shopping in the United States.

The Microsoft Store retail site has put up a page teasing the company’s lineup of Black Friday deals, scheduled to start at 12 a.m. Pacific time Friday, and they’re not too shabby. The Microsoft Store’s Facebook page has additional details.

Here are some of the highlights.

  • Samsung RC512 laptop running Windows 7: $499, normally $799.
  • Xbox Ultimate Gaming Bundle: Up to $200 off.
  • Kinect Sensor Holiday Bundle (with Fruit Ninja, Gunstringer and Kinect Adventures): $99.99, normally $149.99. (Not available online.)
  • Free Windows Phone with a two-year service agreement. (The site doesn’t yet name the model or carrier.)
  • Office Home and Student: $119.99, normally $149.99
  • Up to $40 off Office for Mac.
  • Sony S137GX Notebook: $599, normally $999. (Online-only deal)
  • Acer Iconia Dual-Screen Touchbook: $599, normally $999.
  • Price cuts on games including Madden 2012, Halo Anniversary and others (available in stores only). See Microsoft’s Facebook page for a list (click on “see more” once you’re there.)
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  • Anonymous

    Nice now thats what I am talking about dude.

  • David Abraham

    Kinect is the ticket :)

  • Guest

    MS’s stores are already money losers. What a few million more?

  • Offbeatmammal

    hopefully the phone is a T-Mobile one… (I want a Radar). Amazon also has one penny deals on a bunch of phones including Windows Phone going on right now

  • Kirill Zubovsky

    rant/$119.99 for MS Office … LOL!They do know we have this thing called Google Docs, which is free and has all the necessary functionality of the Home Office?*facepalm* MS is just taking advantage of people who don’t know any better./ran over

    • You Bore Me

      Simply not true. I’m sure you’ll give yourself some brownie points though for simply bashing MS and anyone who buys their products.

    • Guest

      If you think Office and G Docs are equivalents, then you could probably just get by with Notepad and Calculator.

    • Guest

      That $120 is for 3 licenses. And Google Docs ain’t Office. It’s not even OpenOffice. MS also offers a reduced feature set Office for free. But at $40/per it’s a great deal for me and my family. But then I value my time and so do they.

      • Kirill Zubovsky

        That I didn’t know. If it’s a $40/user , it’s a good deal.

    • Mark

      Yeah, because nobody know about free Office alternatives. Just you. /s

      Get over yourself.

      • Kirill Zubovsky

        Actually, I think you’d be surprised that some people have no idea.

        I remember talking to a mom, who was a recent immigrant, and she asked me how to pick the “right” office because her daughter needed MS Word to write an essay for middle school. After all, the teacher said they needed to have MS Office… To that woman MS Office meant the ability to write essays, period. Now, would she Google for “free document writing software” or would she go to MS store and spend money on office that she doesn’t actually need?

        Singular case, sure. But, just because I might be wrong, doesn’t mean you’re right. ;)


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    Missed the Xbox Kinect offer , hoping to buy in Christmas

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