Microsoft doesn’t even own Skype yet, but it is already taking blame for an outage that impacted some users of the Internet phone service this morning. Snarky comments filled up Twitter, with many turning their rage toward the Redmond software giant.

“Seems like #skype crash is global. Now you know it’s a #Microsoft product,” wrote one. Another wrote: “#Microsoft takes over #skype ..result #troubles … hmm.” And a third offered this snarky comment: “ok when will Skype be fixed, Microsoft buys it and they break it…….SIGH.”

Meanwhile, Paul Hayes at Thinq writes that Microsoft’s “death grip” is suspected in the outage.

The outage is impacting people using Skype on Windows, and Skype today issued a statement offering a fix of the problem.

Obviously, there’s a bit of a problem with this sideline analysis since Microsoft doesn’t yet own Skype, and is not involved in its day-to-day operations. But Microsoft haters aren’t letting that factoid get in the way.

The Tweetstream has been fierce. @lax0205 just eloquently wrote: “skype sucks after that microsoft take over !!!”

For what it is worth, Microsoft said that it hopes to close its $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype some time later this year.

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  • Bas Koene

    Don’t blame MS. They did nothing yet.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone who blames Microsoft on this is just as stupid as their comment.

  • Guest

    Thank you Microsoft for identifying the problem and for producing a fix straightaway. It’s that kind of service that makes me glad that good companies stand behind their products.

  • Tpidartom

    the fix for Skype is  where , or there is not one yep

  • Dragonfly

    Who are the incompetent bastards that have screwed up one of the best ways for parents to stay in touch with their children in the military and deployed all over the world?  It stll doesn’t work.

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