We knew that most of the people waiting for the Microsoft Store grand opening in Seattle this week weren’t actually in line to see the store. They were there for the free concert tickets.

But it turns out many of them didn’t actually want to see the concerts, either.

Wristband passes for the Black Keys concert tonight and One Republic show Saturday night are now being offered for $40 or more on craigslist today. Given that the only price of the ticket was waiting in line overnight, it’s a profit margin even Bill Gates could appreciate.

“Im asking $40, not for the ticket,” writes one seller on craigslist. “But for my time of staying up all night to wait in line after working a double the day before.”

Somehow it’s hard to muster a lot of sympathy for the guy.

Maybe this type of thing shouldn’t be a surprise in this day and age. The irony of the situation, of course, is that a decent portion of the audience at the concerts won’t even have stepped foot inside the Microsoft Store that the shows were designed to promote.

But hey, at least the crowds looked big for the opening!

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  • Xboxlovr

    Leeches indeed. Fine, have your $40 for your time waiting. Now why don’t you run across the way and I’ll pay you $50 for getting me an iPhone 4s

    • http://www.jpitta.com PittaMan

      Cheaper than paying people to stand in line. Smart if you ask me.

    • Guest

      Don’t be a sucker. I paid my iPhone 4S fetcher less than half that much.

  • Guest

    Guilty. I only waited in line an hour. Being there four hours ahead is silly. I made $80 off the Black Keys wristbands. Over $200 off of last years Miley Cyrus wristbands. I also have a One Republic concert wristband for sale. 

    Being in the store was very awkward. The salespeople were showing each other about the products. I wish them well but the experience is just a bit twilight zone.

    • Anonymous

      Miley Cyrus? I don’t even remember what she has done after being on Disney besides trying to turn into Britney Spears.

      • http://StepConfidently.com Mfarmerhi

        LOL Am thinkin’ you’re not in the demographic Miley (and perhaps MS) is going for…

        • Anonymous

          What are you talking about?

  • http://StepConfidently.com Mfarmerhi

    Eh… not guilty… (I gave my tix to GF & friend who wanted to go), BUT I see nothing wrong with a free market and REALLY don’t get why someone selling something they don’t want to someone who DOES want it is a “leech” (X, dude… if YOU wanted the tix & don’t wanna pay, then go wait in line yourself; and if not… wth does it matter to you?)

    Oh… and an overnight wait wasn’t necessary: I showed up @ 9am after a full night’s sleep, enjoyed the free Starbucks lattes they were handing out, grabbed a free Microsoft / U. Village umbrella they were handing out, got 2 shots of “5-Hour Energy” they were handing out, oh yea… and a water bottle, the free sports blanket and the 2 tix.As a marketer IMHO Microsoft did a great job – got some buzz going (lol, even here w/ppl complaining about something they ostensibly had no interest in, in the first place), got a crowd (even if some people want to pay to be in it), and got some Apple-like recognition.  Job well done, IMHO.

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