Can Microsoft Tiger take a bite out of Google? The Redmond company tonight released the first details of a collaboration between Microsoft Research and Bing engineers in China and the U.S. that promises to make the company’s search engine better behind the scenes.

The project, dubbed “Tiger,” uses advances in Solid State Disk technology to improve the way Bing checks its index for results when a user submits a search query.

“In Tiger, we not only look at improved efficiency but also look at new ways of processing queries,” says Yongdong Wang, general manager of Microsoft’s Search Technology Center in Asia, in the video above. “These news ways will enable scenarios where we can significantly improve the relevance of the results seen by users.”

Microsoft made the announcement as it kicked off a series of events marking its 20th anniversary this week. We’ll have more on that on Tuesday.

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  • Guest

    The last MS project named “Tiger” didn’t go so well! Kidding aside, how does SSD give Bing any competitive advantage over Google? Like Google can’t easily buy SSD’s and copy whatever MS comes up with?

    When is MS going to learn that they can’t win against Google by trying to just out-Google them? The VP in charge pays lip service to this concept that they must instead disrupt in some meaningful way. But so far everything just seems like a minor optimization, if that, of what Google does.

  • Billy Nguyen

    MS Research needs to do is to understand relevancy of search depends on relevancy of the data. MS has spent billions in Bing and Bing still is a joke because lack of vision from the top. Remember garbage in, garbage out. There is no technologically advantages of Google search. It’s all about data.  Everything Google does all coming back to gathering data i.e. analytic, Google+, and many more Google applications and together with their bot-nets to collect data.  It is very obvious Bing does its search on very poor sets of data.  While Google has much more complete sets of data for any searches. Bottom-line, it is not how to build searches. It rather is what to build. I don’t believe Google technologically more advanced than MS. They just know what to build.

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