Maybe we’ll see more geeks on the Victoria Clipper and Kenmore Air next year. Microsoft is planning to open a new gaming studio in Victoria, B.C. that could employ as many as 60 people, reports The Vancouver Sun.

Microsoft’s Chris Robertson says that the location was chosen due to its proximity to Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, and due to the fact that Microsoft gaming head Don Mattrick lives in nearby Oak Bay.

“The sun shines over here, there are no hour-long commutes, housing prices are half as much … it was an easy decision,” Robertson tells the newspaper.

Microsoft already employs 165 in its gaming unit in Vancouver. The new facility will be called Microsoft Studios Victoria.

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  • Guest

    Weather, short commute, lower house prices, are all legitimate advantages for Victoria over Vancouver or even Seattle. But close to Mattrick’s house in Oak Bay? Seriously?!? What’s next, an office in Tuscany because it’s where some other MS president makes his summer home?

    • Guest

      Seriously. What’s so awful about opening an office to be convenient to your most-valued employee?

      • Guest

        is that a serious question or are you just bored?

        • Guest

          Serious question.

          When you are a lowly-valued employee, you must find work.

          When you are as cherished as “Dandy” Don Mattrick is, work finds you.

  • Guest

    The new facility will be called? Don’t leave me hanging like that.

    • Guest

      Read the linked article:

      Microsoft Studios Victoria

  • ChuckOp

    None of the pesky visa issues either.

  • Guest

    Don’s got to maintain his Canada residency, and Vancouver was too far to commute.  Nice to see that A) MS is still looking the other way on this sort of thing and B) that he knows how to work the system so effectively.  Now if MS can get a subsidy from the BC government, Don can tally an “abused the system” achievement trifecta.

  • Blah

    Remember back in 2009?  Remember when Mattrick laid off all those people in ACES and shut down the Flight Sim line?  Remember how he then went and spent MS cash to buy a boutique studio staffed by his lil’ buddies in Vancouver?

    They spent all that money and got, what, one game out of the deal?

    Yes Mattrick, you a managerial genius.  You’ve outlived Bach and Kim by not getting your fingerprints on a damn thing, and by “cutting costs”.  

    Good for you!  Oh, Canada!  

    • Guest

      Apparently not as vividly as you do. LOL. But hardly surprising. MS is on its way out. These kind of decisions are just more examples of why.

  • Guest New

    ???? houses are cheaper? No, actually they’re not. Average house price in Victoria is 600,000 CDN and in Oak Bay where Don Mattrick is based, is $972,000 CDN 

    In Seattle average price is around $315,000 US while in Redmond where MS is based is $475, 614 US !! Not cheaper! 

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