GeekWire partners Todd Bishop, Jonathan Sposato and John Cook. (Photo: Annie Laurie Malarkey)

There’s another piece to the GeekWire story, and we’re excited to talk about it.

When we launched this technology news startup a few weeks ago, we said we were happy to finally walk in the footsteps of the entrepreneurs we’ve been tracking all these years. As it turns out, we’re bringing an experienced and enthusiastic guide to help us down the path.

We’re pleased to introduce our partner in this venture: Jonathan Sposato, one of the most successful and respected entrepreneurs to emerge from the Seattle technology community.

This is GeekWire: Two journalists and a startup veteran, seeking to build a successful online news business, provide an important service to the technology community, and figure out a few things about the future of media. And whatever else we decide to tackle along the way.

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Jonathan will remain in his full-time role at Google, which acquired his company, Picnik, last year. He won’t be involved in GeekWire’s day-to-day editorial decisions or news coverage.

But as a partner and investor, he has already become an invaluable resource. We’re learning even from listening to the questions he asks. And one of the best parts of this new venture will be the opportunity to draw upon Jonathan’s experience and insight as we define the future of the company. It’s a cool situation, and we’re grateful for the chance to work with him.

Thanks to all of you for the huge show of support you’ve given us over the past few weeks. It’s exciting to see a strong community already forming around the site. We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Jonathan as a part of it.

— Todd Bishop and John Cook

[Photography by Annie Laurie Malarkey.]

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  • Steve Murch

    You are lucky guys! Congratulations!

  • Ronald S Woan


  • Kevin Lisota

    I have to ask the obvious question. Will Sposato’s fashion sense wear off on John & Todd?

    • Anonymous

      What, don’t you think it has already? ;)

    • Jonathan Sposato

      haha. kevin i think its the reverse. example: for the photo above, it was I who felt strangely compelled to roll down my pant cuffs and unflip my collar. so apparently these guys are rubbing off on me! : )

  • Laurie

    He’ll be a great partner for you guys…congrats!

  • davidgeller

    Congratulations. Now I know which bar all the future Geekwire events will be held at.

    • Jonathan Sposato

      thx david. hey as long as they pay the bar tab : ) come down and join us sometime david.

  • Domainers Gate

    Jonathan has been very lucky since Google has acquired his company Picnik (PAYING an undisclosed price) instead of “invent” the same idea at zero costs as they done with MY idea (sent to Google in 2005 via email) of a Moonrovers Prize Competition [ ] now called the “””Google””” Lunar X Prize … :(

    however, over 3.5 years after the announcement, the GLXP is already FAILED (despite Google still doesn’t admit this) since (fortunately) I’ve never published “all pieces of the puzzle” in my 2005’s article nor I’ve sent them in my email to Google … :)

    • Guest

      Get a life (elsewhere, please). Why do you do this?

  • Greg Piper

    You say he won’t be involved in day to day editorial decisions, but c’mon. Isn’t there a chilling effect here to your coverage, especially if you’re investigating something potentially damaging to Google? This is like NBC trying to fairly cover GE back in the day.

    • Anonymous

      Greg, thanks for the comment. Part of the reason we announced Jonathan’s involvement was to be transparent about our ownership structure, so we could acknowledge and address these types of questions out in the open. So I’m glad you asked!

      Bottom line, we’re working with Jonathan in his role as an entrepreneur, on the business side of GeekWire. His day job doesn’t factor into what we do. We’ve been covering the tech industry for a long time, and we’ll continue to report on Google and everyone else as aggressively and fairly as we always have.

      These kinds of issues are almost unavoidable in this day and age. It’s not uncommon for the reporters/editors at a publication to cover a subject in which one of the publication’s owners has some sort of personal interest. As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, we’re also media partners with, which is part-owned by Microsoft.

      All we can do is promise is that we’ll continue to be transparent about our ownership structure and any business relationships we strike, and keep those issues separate from any editorial decisions we make.

      • Greg Piper

        I do appreciate the transparency – better to find out from you than from a competitor or Google critic. And I have no qualms with your reporting in the past. But Google has a lot of enemies now and I’m sure they’d love to build goodwill with reporters as respected (and chic) as you and John. Look forward to seeing how you cover them in light of this arrangement.

  • Brian Ratzliff

    John and Todd…just back from East Africa and saw this news. Congrats to everyone and it’s great to see the next building block of your plans fall into place.

    Jonathon – I think we all appreciate the voice that John and Todd bring to the Puget Sound technology world, thanks for beign so supportive.

    Best to everyone.


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