Would you rather drive a Harley or a Vespa? Your answer may predict your computer habits. Hunch.com did a user-based survey and it turns out stereotypes propagated in Mac’s old “Get a Mac” commercials aren’t far from the truth.

Hunch asked its users a wide range of questions– everything from food and drink preferences to personality traits. It matched up those answers with people’s computer preference–Mac or PC.

Some highlights from the data include:

-Mac users are 80 percent more likely to be vegetarian than PC people.
-PC users go for McDonald’s french fries while Mac users prefer bistro fries.
-Mac and PC people both love watching The Office.
-PC people would rather read I can has Cheezburger while Mac people prefer Apartment Therapy.

As for me, I’m a Mac user and fit the mold to a T. I’m a hummus-eating, indie-film viewing, design enthusiast. You may or may not fit, and I’m sure there’s many exceptions out there.

So what is it: Harley or Vespa? Check out the infographic and let us know where you land.

Chantal Anderson is a Seattle area journalist.

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  • Bob Silver

    PC users actually eat their fries animal-style from In N Out!

    • Guest

      Mac users actually think Jobs invented the french frie.

  • Forrest Corbett

    Wow. I am just about half in each world. Which makes sense having a few hackintoshes around. In one case, PC hardware, OS X, running Windows (and Linux) VMs (among other things.)

    I like free range steaks and organic veggies. I like both San Pellegrino and Pepsi (not mixed, of course.) For motorcycle, I’d rather neither a vespa nor a harley – a BMW is more my style.

  • Kelly

    I’ve never voluntarily used a Mac and am a vegetarian who has eaten Mcdonald’s a number of times one hand can count. I’d also pass up on a Vespa and Harley for my Fuji. Computers say no more about me than convenience and habit, but it was an interesting exercise in thought! Connecting technology to food choices makes some sense, since the markets are so connected.

  • RedNCup

    There is probably a hidden bias in this survey. Steve Jobs is a well known vegetarian where as Bill Gates favorite food reportedly is cheese burger and fries. I’m a PC user all the way and my food preferences are anything but what the survery says..

  • I hate fruit

    I ride a Harley, eat meat and hate hippies. Guess which camp I fall into?

  • boredwithGBM

    We’re like the commercials?  So PC users dress professionally and are kinda funny, and Mac users dress like slobs and talk like the doctor from “Idiocracy”?

  • http://listeningtoreason.com wanorris

    I think it’s cute that Mac users think they’re computer gurus, but don’t think they’re good at math. Hint: if you’re not good with math and science, there’s an excellent chance that you’re overrating your knowledge of computers.

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