The tech site WMPoweruser has an interesting glimpse into the future of Windows Phone today, posting what it describes as a leaked roadmap laying out a schedule and highlights for future updates of Microsoft’s mobile platform.

The interim update known as Tango, making Windows Phone available on lower-priced devices, is scheduled for the second quarter of the year, according to the roadmap (which the site describes as current as of this past October). The bigger update known as Apollo, which could be a reference to Windows Phone 8, is set for the fourth quarter of 2012.

On the roadmap, the three bullet points for the Apollo release are “Increase overall volume,” “Competitive Superphones” and “Business.”

Although not described in the roadmap, “superphones” are most likely a reference to devices with dual-core processors and support for 4G LTE networks, as previewed by former Microsoft mobile chief Andy Lees in an interview with AllThingsD in October.

One of the big questions is whether Microsoft will be too late. Handsets including the iPhone already have dual cores, and plenty of Android devices are already running on LTE.

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  • Anonymous

    The real battle will be fought on the low-end (something that admittedly is not sexy to tech enthusiast).

     It is much smarter for MS to focus on new smart phone users rather than converts from other platforms (iPhone, Android). And many new smart phone users have kept their feature phones this long for one reason: price. If WP can be there with dirt cheap devices and on a carriers with a cheap data plans, then they have a shot (Well only if retailers stop shooting them in the foot…).

    • gary hay

      This is exactly my opinion too. Too many people forget that the developing world is where the ‘new customers’ are (read ‘new customers’ as ‘new money’) . They dont need LTE/4G or dual core, 1GB RAM and they dont have $300-$800 for a phone.

      Getting access to billions of new customers is the key to the long term future for WP7 and who knows, maybe if that new customer buys WP7 they might also buy a Windows PC or Xbox which is again new money.

  • David Abraham

    Not a problem as long as the software story still accelerates. LTE is not yet a competive force. A couple of Killer apps with network effects and WP has a fighting chance.

  • Anonymous

    Dude, Super Heros are jsut cool liek that. We need super heros man.

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  • Guest

    4th quarter 2012. Laughable. MS is too late and too slow. Someone needs to put the company out of its misery. It’s just getting embarrassing now.

  • Hal

    So next years win superphone is last year’s android. They are cutting the feature gap from 4 years to a year or two. Nice.

  • Boballistic123

    Ya but the end user experience on wp7 is better than iPhone and android you couldn’t tell the difference in a dual core android phone and a single core windows phone cause wp never skips a beat its fluid and beautiful

  • Boballistic123

    Android fans don’t understand that yes android has dual core processors and 1gig of ram and HD screens but android is buggy, all over the place and is missing a UI that screams to you
    Wp7 is a less processing and ram intensive os
    think why a mac can do so much more with less specs then a PC running windows xp
    its the same thing wp7 does remarkable with half the specs you have to think outta the box here I’ve used dualcore androids and I think that wp with a 1.4 ghz singlecore s2 snapdragon does just as well and as far as screen Res? I assure you that you’ll be able to read text without squinting your eyes Ms designed wp7 with the 480/800 in mind even the os font was made to look good at the res
    And the same goes for the specs they made the os to run on singlecore snapdragons and 512 mb of ram and adreno gpus I switched over from android and ms has made me a believer and I love the xbox achievments in games and avatar support

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