You know you’ve got a PR situation on your hands when the South Park creators get involved. Apple is no stranger to the biting wit of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and the latest episode of South Park takes full aim at Steve Jobs and some of the recent iPhone location tracking issues.

In the South Park premiere — dubbed “HumancentiPad” — South Park’s Kyle is surprised to learn that Apple knows his whereabouts — even though he turned off the location tracking.

“You are telling me that every time you guys download an update for iTunes, you read the entire terms and conditions?” Kyle asks his buddies.

Check out the hilarious snippet here:

In another clip, the boys question whether Cartman really owns an iPad.

This is great satire, and it comes just as Apple tries to clarify it’s position on the location tracking issue. On Wednesday, Apple released a lengthy FAQ trying to clarify how it was tracking iPhone locations.

Apple said the issues are “very complex” and “are hard to communicate in a soundbite.”

But they didn’t say anything about a 90-second South Park clip.

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  • KnightReader

    Apple is trying to fix the “bug” for this figures…(sigh)

  • pdanet-5-01

    wao thats great by Apple at sensetive cases you can approach & solve your problems by this tracking device

  • Anonymous

    haha… ROFLMFAO… just classic satire and that’s something that CrApple finds so hard to do. Laugh at themselves! But hey Greedy iMorons are mostly sick minded individuals who sue their competition rather than further innovating. Just plain stupid…. and all it does is create a market for innovation stagnation!!!! Thanks CrApple….. we knew you were crooks way back before your Xeroxing (replication of their UI and mouse) PARC’s inventions to stealing $10000 dollars of phone calls from AT&T with your “Blue Boxes”! ….so now you just extended to stealing our information and putting it up for sale!!!

  • Download iBye 2.4.6

    i think that is great buddy

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