The immersive Boeing 737 experience, using Microsoft Kinect on Windows 7. (Wire Stone image)

Boeing is rolling out a new way to market its 737 airplane, using a bunch of the latest Microsoft technologies and a high-resolution camera. Digital marketing agency Wire Stone has created an immersive online experience for Boeing that showcases the latest generation of the aircraft using Windows Azure, Silverlight Deep Zoom and a 17-gigapixel image.

The image, melded together out of 20,000 frames, is so big that it has been submitted for consideration for a world record as the “largest compound photograph of a single object.”

The immersive, 360-degree 737 experience is available online here for anyone to try.

But for Boeing’s efforts to market the aircraft in person, the agency also created a version of the application on Windows 7 that uses Microsoft’s Kinect sensor — allowing people to stand back from the screen and gesture to navigate to different parts of the plane.

Wire Stone calls it the first known commercial use of Kinect in a line-of-business application. Boeing plans to use it at trade shows and in other marketing settings.


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