Red Russak

It’s a big day for GeekWire, not only because we’re adding a great member to the team, but because this new role represents an important step toward realizing our broader aspirations for making GeekWire an asset for the technology community.

We’re excited to introduce Joshua “Red” Russak as GeekWire’s new community manager. He’s a Seattle native who returned from a stay in New York and quickly made a name for himself on the local tech scene as the founder of recommendation service and an organizer of such events as Lean Startup Seattle, Startup Spirits, and Cigars & Startups.

As Red explains on his personal site, he’s “part sales/marketing and part dev/geek, loves working with online tools and thoroughly enjoys providing service to tech companies and tech communities.”

If you know Red, you know he’s a force. He’s already earned the affectionate nickname “Hurricane Red” at our team meetings. His energy and enthusiasm are matched by his technical chops, and we’re excited to have him in a role where he can help strengthen our ties in the community.

Red in action at a local event

Red’s role will include responsibility for an entirely new section of GeekWire that we’ll be talking about in more detail soon. He’ll also work closely with GeekWire Chief Business Officer Rebecca Lovell on events, assist with our social media efforts and help with a variety of additional initiatives for the site and the company.

Lovell describes Red as “part renaissance geek, part hurricane and 100 percent community-driven.”

“This is a guy who actually crowd-sourced his haircut,” says Lovell. “He is ridiculously creative about finding ways to connect people, and we couldn’t be happier to be harnessing his energy and enthusiasm as we build community on our site, at events, and beyond.”

Please join us in welcoming Red to the team! You can reach him at and follow him on Twitter @RedRussak.

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  • Joshua Maher

    Congrats Red & GeekWire!!

  • Chris Lynch

    Nice work, @RedRussak:twitter! And congrats to both you and GeekWire. You’ve done an awesome job already. Glad to see you become a part of GeekWire!

    • ‘Red’ Russak

      Thanks man! You can still count on me crashing your office hours at Moka’s ;) 

  • Danny Schreiber

    Congrats to the whole team! And excited to see what’s next (the section hinted above) for GeekWire.

  • Nicholas Black


  • Kyle Kesterson

    Huge win for both sides! Looks like somebody needs an avatar, yeah? :D

    • ‘Red’ Russak

      Woohoo! A dream come true. I’ve always wanted a KK signature avatar!

  • Joseph Sunga

    I’ve only met Red a couple of times, but both times — he’s definitely had a ton of energy, so I’m excited to see what this new section will be. Go GeekWire go!

  • Guest

    Welcome aboard, Red!

  • Bryan Starbuck

    Congrats Red.  I think this will be great for both Red and GeekWire.

  • Robert Pease

    Awesome news!  Congrats Red.  Know you’ll further blow the lid off the place:)

  • Roy Leban

    Congrats, Hurricane! (and, yes, that seems like an appropriate moniker)

    • ‘Red’ Russak

      Moniker? I like it when you use words I’m required to Google ;)

  • Fugazo Inc.

    Awesome!  Congrats Red!

  • Lewis Lin

    Congrats Red!  I can’t think of a better role; it fits you to a T!

  • Tara Gowland

    Congrats Red!!

  • Anonymous

    Great photo red :) congrats to u + geekwire it s huge

  • Kevin Lisota

    Very cool addition to your team, as long as he won’t leave you to be a VC anytime soon :)

    • ‘Red’ Russak

      If I left to be a VC, I’d invest in myself so I can continue to be Community Manager ;) This new role is incredible and I’m excited to deliver!

  • Brandon Na

    Congrats my friend!  Geekwire is lucky to have you. 

  • Greg Gottesman

    Great hire! I can’t wait to see what Red does with a great platform like GeekWire.

  • Guest

    Red I mean no offense, but I seriously thought you were Seth Rogen for a minute…

    • ‘Red’ Russak

      Not offended at all. Besides his laugh, I’m honored! PS: “Guest”, I am honored to be on your targeted list of anonymous commenting ;)

  • Janism

    Red, looks like you found your perfect job!

  • Bob Crimmins

    Holy crap… watch out Seattle… Red is in the house and the house is about to start rockin’!

    Red, really looking forward to seeing what you can do with GeekWire behind you. 

    GeekWire, good choice.

  • Paul Uhlir

    Question – what is the origin of your nickname?

  • daveschappell

    Isn’t it really “Hurricane Red agrees to merge with Geekwire”?  

    Seriously, I think this is going to mark an inflection point for the Seattle tech community — and making the word ‘community’ real for Geekwire and those of us who like to participate, but need someone to carry the torch while we’re working on our full-time projects.

    This is great for Geekwire, and I think great for Red.  And great for the rest of us.  Kudos.

    • Todd Bishop

      Totally agreed, Dave. Thanks for the comment.

  • William Carleton

    Welcome, Red, and Todd, John, Rebecca and Annie, it’s great to see the GeekWire team expanding!

  • Khan Klatt

    Congrats to GeekWire for a great find, and to Red on his new gig!

  • Anonymous

    Red’s a great asset..Can’t wait for GeekWire to be the next major tech source. 

  • michael grabham

    couldn’t happen to a better more qualified guy.. he is a perfect fit to help take GeekWire forward.

  • Naku

    <3 that man. marry me!

    • ‘Red’ Russak

      Thanks. I’m taken, but you know how you can show your love? Keep reading GeekWire and contributing with comments, likes, shares and more. Rock on!

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