DataSphere Technologies may specialize in hyperlocal advertising. But the Bellevue company is undergoing  what can only be described as … hypergrowth. The company, which raised $10 million from OVP Venture Partners, Fisher Communications, Ignition Partners and others last fall, said today that it plans to open a new facility in Tempe, Arizona with room for as many as 220 sales professionals.

It plans to complete those hire over the next several quarters, with the new facility opening in a 23,000 square foot facility.

“We are very excited to continue our expansion in Arizona,”  said Mike May, DataSphere Vice President of Sales Operations, in a statement. “We are looking for 200+ people in the Tempe area who would like to join a fast growing start up company and talk to small businesses across the country about compelling ways to increase online exposure in their local communities by partnering with major media companies.”

The company, which powers hyperlocal news sites, including the neighborhood news blogs operated by Seattle’s KOMO in Seattle, employed about 220 people last September. But at that time, DataSphere indicated that it was looking to hire 150 more folks by the end of the year. In today’s release, the company said that it has hired more than 300 new workers in the past 12 months and experienced a tripling of revenue.

Late last year, the company said that it had launched its 1,000th community-oriented Web site in partnership with a Gannett-owned TV station in Lakeland, Florida.

In many ways, DataSphere is looking to fill a void left by traditional media companies such as newspapers and TV stations which have struggled to tap into online advertising revenue. The company is led by Satbir Khanuja, a former vice president at

UPDATE:  A spokesman for the company says that they also plan to hire 100 workers in the Bellevue offices over  the next six to 12 months.

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  • Anonymous

    Satbir is one of the sharpest minds in online advertising/e-commerce you will met. He ran IMDB as well as the traffic organization at This company will have a great future.

  • monkeygenius

    While the idea behind the product is excellent, the execution is piss poor. There is not a single small to medium sized business who has benefited from this program and the sales team preys on the uneducated business owner in small “hyperlocal” neighborhoods who dont know any better biting on the “exposure” and being featured with well known names in the community. They find themselves in contracts they cant get out of and are sold into space they cant afford. While the business owners should do more research before purchasing something like this, the 200+ uneducated phone jockeys in each call center who dont know any better is an unfortunate problem.

    • Guest

      Completely agree.  They my business far too much and we saw no benefit at all.  They couldn’t even provide numbers to show increased visited.  Very disappointed.

      • Guest

        Oops sorry, should have been:  Completely agree.  They charged my business far too much and we saw no benefit at all.  They couldn’t even provide numbers to show increased visits.  Very disappointed.

    • Julie

      @edb26b65d5806e7b5c25eefdb07d8fa6:disqus I agree completely – I spent $300 / month, signed a 1-year contract, and received 0 leads…that’s right, 0 leads (in a full year). What’s more, is that I’m a five-star Realtor, and have very satisfied clients so if they can’t make it work for me, they are doing something wrong. I have advertised in other places with a great benefit and return. This just flat-out doesn’t work, for whatever reason. My advice to other small business owners would be: take your $3000+ and advertise elsewhere (or go buy yourself a nice Prada or mini-vacay). I really wish I had done my due-diligence in researching this company as you suggested, but I guess for me its lesson learned!

  • Anonymous

    Obviously you have no clue what you are talking about. I can guess one of two things…either you have never worked there and have no clue what you are talking about. Or you did work there and you are a bad sales person. The product does exactly what it suppose to do. It doesnt matter what advertising you do as a business…if you do not actively use your advertising…no advertising will work for anyone. Many people think that advertising works by doing nothing. This is a good product, that does work for those who properly use it. There is a reason why they dominate the market.

    • Anonymous

      salesguru1, do you work for this DataSphere? I am getting ready to start working there in the Arizona office and would like a little insight before I start.

    • I’m going to get YOU!

      DATASPHERE is a SCAM! We were nieve enough to believe all the crap the sales lady told us. We were supposed to have an advertisement ON FITNESS MAGAZINES website but instead have this crappy “business profile” that is no where connected to the magazine itself! What a joke! It looks like a computed generated steal off of our website! Guaranteed 10,000 views? Ha.

  • AlmostButNotQuite

    Just dealt with them. This is a SCAM. They claimed to be selling adspace for Fitness Magazine. I verified them with Fitness Magazine and it is a SCAM. Stay far away.

    But I will say the sales team is very nice.

    • Jackye Mumphrey

      The company’s claims are crap.. I shouldn’t have to work advertising to make it work, I bought the space and it should work for me. I shouldnt have to work for my money when it comes to advertsing, it should work for me. If you are are considering their untrue claims, please don’t. I could have done an ad in the yellow pages, had a real commercial shoot done, or paid a VA oversees to do craigslist ads for me 20 hours a week for the past year and it would have been more helpful. I don’t like paying for services in advertising space that has absolutely no worth to me. They try to use the name of the local news station to give them creditablity. But what I am actually paying for in this contract is a name on a profile page that doesn’t go anywhere. It doesn’t even have any SEO juice, None, Zero, Nada Zilch! Bing, MSN, Google, Yahoo. NONE! I have to in fact go 4 pages deep to find my name on the site and within that same page, I am below the fold and another agent who is not paying for a service is above the fold. I have compliain several times, but its been useless. If you are looking at working with datasphere and want a fact based opinion from a current user of their service, I am here with this review. Use your money elsewhere. With datasphere for me, it just went down a black hole and left a bad taste. For others it may work but for me it didn’t.

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