Every geek loves geeky gifts. Like my pizza cutter shaped like the U.S.S. Enterprise. Amazing.

Similarly, we at GeekWire submit that no Seattle geek’s stocking is complete without at least one item that hails not from the final frontier, or the 12 colonies, or a galaxy far, far away, but from right here in our own entrepreneurial backyard, the Seattle region.

Call it shopping local, geek style.

Seattle-area tech startups and entrepreneurs, we’re on the lookout for local products and services to make up GeekWire’s first-ever Geek Gift Guide. Are you selling something area geeks who want to support their own would appreciate? Books, t-shirts, subscriptions, pro accounts, knick-knacks, accessories — if it’s from here and geeks would love it, we want to tell them about it.

Email your ideas to moniguzman@geekwire.com by the end of the day Friday to make your submission. Please include the product or service name, the Seattle-area company or entrepreneur behind it, its price, and, ideally, a link to where people can purchase and learn more about it. Photos, also, are a plus.

Know someone who’s product would be perfect for our guide? Spread the word! And happy holidays.

P.S. — Much love to Microsoft and Amazon, but we’re pretty sure they don’t need our help to get on your holiday lists. We’re looking for submissions of geeky products and services from smaller companies and entrepreneurs.

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    Local shopping, geek style? Please don’t overlook “Microscope RPG”, an indie, pen-and-paper RPG written by local game designer, Ben Robbins (http://www.lamemage.com). You can purchase Microscope for $19.95 from Gamma Ray Games, the independently-owned game shop located on geek-friendly Capitol Hill. How’s this for accolades for Microscope? “Winner: Most Innovative New Product, Gaming Genius Awards 2011” and “Finalist: RPG Game of the Year, Golden Geek Awards 2011”. 

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    We just submitted our information via email for https://www.GeeksRiot.com
    Get Your Geek On with GeeksRiot ;-)

    Happy Holidays!


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