The April Fool’s Day joke from Google — Gmail Motion — may not be too far afield after all. Some enterprising geeks at the University of Southern California have taken the Gmail Motion concept of using body gestures to send email, and made it into a real life prototype using the motion-sensing technologies of Microsoft’s Kinect. That means you can open a Gmail message with the wave of a hand or send a message with the lick of the virtual stamp.

The researchers have dubbed the system: Software Library Optimizing Obligatory Waving, or SLOOW. You can take a look at how it works below:

Meanwhile, here’s the original joke from Google. (Microsoft has got to be loving this).

[Via Engadget]


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  • Matt Heinz

    I hope the Kinect team finds a way to take advantage of this proactively in their marketing. Great example of product innovation directly from their customers!

  • Domainers Gate

    so, never say never … :)

  • Anonymous

    Cool. FYI – We will be launching a gigantic immersive Kinected space in Seattle shortly… We just had an ipad2 hooked in to the system today.

  • BotSquare Inc

    John, our computer vision based start-up, BotSquare, is building Gmail Motion type product. Unlike the ICT MxR lab we dont reply on 3-D camera or external hardware (Kinect) just as was envisioned in the Google prank. We already have the alpha version ready. You can check our video at

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