Attention fellow Seattleites, this new Google+ feature is for us.

The search company’s fledgling social network last night introduced a new feature that lets you ignore content from people who’ve added you to one of their circles on Google+.

It’s not as harsh as completely blocking someone, because the ignored person will still be able to see the content that you post, and comment on it, etc.

But you won’t have to listen to them. And here’s the best part: They won’t know you’re ignoring them!

The new ignore feature is explained in this Google+ help page and in the Google video below.

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  • Mergathal

    So far, G+ is only for the nerds at heart. Most people still will not use it and it by far is not polished enough for the average user… today when I posted pictures, i had to select and upload each picture individually for an album, instead of being able to select as many pics as I wanted to upload all at once. Horribly ineffective. Really, G+ falls short so far of what G+ wants it to be, it is going to lanquish until G+ puts some polish to what they do have, instead of adding things that do not fully work right.

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