This week on the GeekWire radio show and podcast, we assess a new study that demonstrates just how devoted (or addicted?) many of us have become to our smartphones — to the point that some people wouldn’t give them up for anything. Seriously, not for anything.

We also talk about the hoax that fooled many major media organizations into believing that Internet Explorer users are dumb, and try to wrap our heads around a survey suggesting that Washington is Android country.

Joining us to talk about Bitcoin are Seattle entrepreneurs Mike Koss and Peter Vessenes, who share insights from their experience with the digital currency, explain the underlying economics, address some of the controversy surrounding Bitcoin, and offer their perspective on its long-term potential.

And in our final segment, the four of us talk about our latest favorite Android and iPhone apps.

Listen to the full show above or directly via this MP3 file. 

Peter Vessenes and Mike Koss (Erynn Rose photo)

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Apps: tinyCam Monitor ProCyanogenMod Android firmware … TroverMobile Mouse Pro.

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  • David Sterry

    Great show guys. In regards to Bitcoin, I think we really are creating a new economy. Bitcoin is incompatible with so many things(credit cards/paypal) that we have to see this as a new Plymouth Rock and get building. 

    As for how to get your hands on your first Bitcoin, getting paid by someone in BTC would be nice but it’s unlikely unless you work for a techy like the hosts. A simpler way is to send a check(start small of course) to an exchange like the one I founded: ExchB ( We’re the first to open in the US and we really strive to make your entry into Bitcoin as painless as possible by taking check and by presenting a simple, clean interface.


    David Sterry

    • Guest

      Congratulations and best wishes to ExchB on your voyage to a new Plymouth Rock!

  • Anonymous

    I believe that bitcoins are going to change the world. I recommend that everyone
    read up about them.

    I haven’t tried the exchange linked by the previous poster, but I urge everyone to do their own research before deciding where to buy/sell bitcoins.  I personally use and recommend – they have lower fees than the main exchange (mtgox), and their website seems more professional IMHO.

    Also, I have a code that will get you 10% off trading fees at TradeHill for life: TH-R1168


    • Guest

      Congratulations and best of luck to TradeHill in blazing a trail for the world-changing Bitcoin economy!

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