One of the minor challenges we encountered when we started GeekWire was that the Twitter handle @geekwire wasn’t available. (It had been registered by someone else but was going unused.) We appreciate everyone who humored us over the past seven months by remembering to refer us as @geekwirenews, but we’re pleased to report that we’re officially @geekwire now.

If you were following us under the previous name, you’ve been automatically switched over to @geekwire, and you don’t need to do anything to continue receiving our headlines on Twitter. (If you weren’t following us, now would be a great time!) But if you want to refer to us, tell us something, or otherwise call us names on Twitter, our handle should be a lot easier to remember now.

For anyone interested in the back story, Twitter has a set of policies relating to trademarks, and a process for trademark holders to follow. We had tried this shortly after we launched, but weren’t successful. Thanks to our new community manager Red Russak for realizing it was time to give it another shot, and taking the initiative to make it happen.

And we’re not the only Seattle startup taking control of new Twitter handles. Just yesterday, Cheezburger Network announced that it secured @cheezburger. Meanwhile, BigDoor Media recently made the transition from @bigdoormedia to @bigdoor.

By the way, don’t forget to sign up for our first-ever GeekWire Meetup, the evening of Oct. 27 in Seattle, with special guest Rich Barton and lots of other interesting people and activities.

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  • Tom W

    Good stuff :) nice to see Twitter actually responding to trademark requests.

    • Todd Bishop

      Thanks, Tom. :) Fortunately for us, it wasn’t being squatted by a pot-smoking Elmo.

  • Guest

    Congratulations to Red on his first big win! This is also something I love about Twitter as a company: by respecting intellectual property holders, they cement their key position as a messenger for the business community.

  • ‘Red’ Russak

    Woohoo! Can’t say that was part of my job description. More like a ‘perk’ ;) Rock on for making the switch team!

  • Monica Guzman

    Woo-hoo! Great to hear :)

  • Ariel

    Yeah, I gotta say I was super impressed with Twitter’s response when I contacted them about a squatter on an alias tied to one of my websites. I expected to just be shouting into the wind (ala anytime anyone’s every tried to contact Facebook), but Twitter was actually very responsive and helpful.

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