Laura Massey, a Microsoft Xbox 360 software engineer and @NerdTrivia creator. (Photos by Annie Laurie Malarkey)

Laura Massey is big into games, to say the least. She’s a software engineer for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 video game console, part of a team working on top-secret stuff for the Redmond software company. And in her spare time she created the automated — and highly addictive, as we can attest — NerdTrivia game on Twitter.

Meet our latest Geek of the Week. Continue reading for Laura’s answers to our questionnaire.

Name: Laura Massey

Job, hobby and/or other geeky pursuit: I’m a software engineer on the Xbox 360. My team and I brought you social fun on the 360 with features like friends and Xbox LIVE Parties. Right now I’m helping incubate the next big thing for Xbox. No, I can’t tell you about it.

Coolest thing about what you do: The absolute best thing about my job is that I impact a product that delights millions of people. When I see people enjoying the things I’ve worked so hard on, it’s an amazing feeling that’s hard to describe.

What does it mean to you to be a geek? To me — Passionately (obsessively?) pursuing an activity or field, usually until every minute detail is conquered.

Geekiest things you’ve ever done, built, or worn: Despite dressing as a Castle Crasher or Lara Croft for Halloween, the geekiest would have to be the Nerd Trivia twitter bot I created, @NerdTrivia. This bot asks questions once an hour over a variety of nerdy topics, grades answers and awards points, all through twitter. It also grants achievements and tracks you and your friends on a leaderboard. When creating the bot, I wanted to make something interactive and fun that the geeks on twitter would enjoy. It’s growing strong with 3,000 players!

Mac, Windows or Linux? An easy one — Windows.

Kirk, Picard, Janeway or Sisko? A difficult one. I respect Picard’s leadership, but I gotta go with Janeway: a strong role model for women plus she’s the voice of the dragon in Dragon Age.

Transporter, Time Machine or Cloak of Invisibility? Definitely a transporter. Think of all the traffic and airports we could avoid! I’d constantly be transporting back to Texas where I grew up for the Mexican food, BBQ, family and sun. I’m not that fond of Seattle food.

If someone gave me $1 million to launch a startup, I would … Hire my graphic designer twin sister and finally start creating mobile apps we’ve been brainstorming that would… hey, wait a second. Are you trying to steal my ideas? ;)

I once waited in line for … I’m accustomed to waiting in line for many things, usually gadget or geek related- most recently it was for the movie X-Men: First Class on opening night.

Your geek role models: I don’t really think of other people as role models. I don’t want to be like anyone else; that would be boring and unoriginal. I prefer to be myself!

Greatest Game In History: Diablo 2. I was addicted to that game for many years, plus the series has inspired many good games since.

Best Gadget Ever: I’d have to say Kinect. This device (and the Dance Central video game) taught me dance moves I can actually use on the dance floor. Okay, so maybe I am biased. ;)

First computer: An IBM PC that my dad bought for the family. I was pretty young, and I remember spending a lot of time fighting my sister and brother over it.

Current phone: iPhone 4

Favorite app: Twitter — I spend the most amount of time (by far) in this app.

Favorite cause: Child’s Play. Started by the creators of Penny Arcade, the charity provides games, books and toys for children at children’s hospitals around the world. Check out the website to learn more:

Most important technology of 2011: Mobile computing. It’s changing the way people expect to interact with computers.

Most important technology of 2015: I’m currently working on it. I still can’t tell you about it. :)

Words of advice for your fellow geeks: May the force be with you!

Twitter@lauralollipopGaming handle: You can find me on Xbox LIVE as lollip0p.

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  • Rick Hambrook

    It sounds like she does amazing work and she’s always great on Larry Hyrb’s podcast. Glad to see some recognition.

  • Guest

    Congratulations to Laura on her very notable accomplishments with Xbox Live!

  • Anonymous

    very cool! 

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  • Guest

    iPhone4 !!! traitor

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Good read. Sounds like you’re working on something exciting Laura :)


    Could this article be the first step to Laura actually getting a wikipedia page?


    Could this article be the first step to Laura actually getting a wikipedia page?

  • herpderp

    Man, she’s even hotter than before!

    I wish they’d cut larry from the podcast. Hes like a bumbling monkey and is more distracting than anything.

    • Daniel Corona

      Derp get your herping herp out of here

  • Billy O’brien

    time  to make that wiki page, very notable stuff going on.

  • mouth047

    Glad you’re getting references on wikipedia too! We’re proud of you!

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